Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Time Heals Old Wounds

Today's Show - 

Hayden runs into Curtis at the coffee shop and says she can't find Finn. She also apologizes for kissing him while drunk. Hayden says she'll leave that to Jordan. Then Jordan walks over. Hayden confesses that she drunkenly kissed Curtis, but Jordan takes it in stride. After Curtis tells Jordan he wants to get serious with her. They kiss and right then, Andre sees them. Jordan approaches Andre to apologize for things not working out between them. Andre looks upset, but tells her not to feel guilty for going after what she wants. 

At the waterfront, Griffin finds Finn passed out and beat up while he's out jogging. Griffin brings him to the hospital and runs some tests on Finn. Griffin wants to call the police and report his injuries. However Finn insists that he keep quiet. Griffin is disgusted with him for not going to rehab. Later Hayden comes by the hospital and asks Finn if he used. Griffin says his blood came up clean. Finn admits to trying to score, but says he changed his mind and got jumped. After he promises to go to rehab. By the Nurse's station, Brad tells Andre that he and Lucas put in an offer for a condo. After Brad asks Monica for a raise, but she tells him only Hayden can make that decision. Brad then considers telling Monica about what he knows about Finn's drug use. 

At Wyndermere, Valentin reads a letter from Anna saying she hopes time can heal old wounds. Nina walks in asking for him to zip her up, but Valentin can't because Anna's note is in his hand. He lets Nina read the note. She asks why he took so long to tell her about Anna coming to visit him. Valentin ends up smoothing things over with her, but after Nina leaves, he heads to the waterfront. He runs into Laura there and they have a tense conversation. Laura says she knows him and he's using Anna's memory issues to exploit her. Laura promises she'll make him pay. Later Valentin has a man look his watch. The man tells him it's working fine. 

Tracy tells Monica at the Quartermaine's that she found a painting of great worth. Monica's not interested and heads out just as Ned walks in. Ned tells Tracy that he's engaged to Olivia. To his surprise, Tracy is happy for him and gives Ned a hug. After Tracy shows Ned the letter from Edward. Ned thinks Edward wasn't always a good person and should have shown Tracy love during his lifetime. Ned rails against Edward and says Tracy shouldn't have needed his love to validate her. Ned then tells Tracy he loves her. She starts crying and they hug again. 

Anna ignores a call from Griffin about her doctor's appointment while she looks over information on Valentin. Then she gets a visit from Laura. She wants Anna's help to take Valentin down, but Anna tells Laura she made peace with him. Anna explains some of her reasons for seeking peace, but Laura thinks Anna is misguided. Later Nina pops by and slaps Anna for going to see her husband. Anna gets the better of her and puts Nina in a arm lock. Anna lets her go, but Nina continues to insist that Anna is after Valentin. She warns Anna not to send anymore notes. At the end, Anna ignores a call from Andre and we see, from her memory, that she put a bug in Valentin's watch. 

End of show!

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