Friday, April 14, 2017

Morgan's Pills, CarSon Drama & Julian Lives...

Here's What Happened - 

Valentin goes to pick up Charlotte from Lulu's early, which annoys Lulu. However she takes it in stride. Once alone with the court mandated advocate, Lulu impulsively hugs the woman thinking the visit went great. Later Dante comes home. Lulu gushes that her visit with Charlotte went well. Meanwhile Valentin takes Charlotte to the Metro Court. She asks why he didn't tell her that Lulu was her mother. He says he'll explain it to her with Nina at home. Then Charlotte says she loves Nina, but she also liked being with Lulu. 

At The Metro Court, Dante questions Lucy about the pills in the robbery. Ava walks in, sees them and eavesdrops. Lucy sees her and dodges Dante's questions. Dante catches them in a lie when Lucy claims she and Ava needed to discuss a piece of art the night of the robbery and Ava had told him they were discussing the Nurses' Ball. After Ava threatens Lucy not to tell Dante anything about the pills or she'll make her disappear. 

Dillon and Kiki make out at the Q's, but Kiki cools him off so she can study. Dillon can't leave her alone and convinces her to go to the park with him. Once there, Kiki expresses some concern about joining his family's holiday party. Dillon thinks it will work out fine. Later Kiki goes to change and then meets back up with him at the Q's. Dillon loves the way she looks and they decide to head to the bedroom before going to the party. 

Jax brings flowers to Carly at her house. They briefly talk about Sonny. Then Nelle stops over saying she hopes Carly and Sonny can work things out now that Carly knows the truth. Carly lays into Nelle in response. Jax jumps in saying they owe Nelle Jocelyn's life. After Nelle says she's staying in town. Carly thinks it's for Michael's sake. Later Jax tells Carly that it's not up to her if Michael wants to date Nelle. 

Michael chats with Sonny on the docks. Sonny tells him that he's thinking of leaving town so he doesn't kill Jax. Then he fills Michael in on how Jax moved in on Carly. Michael tells Sonny that Jax arranged to get Nelle's kidney from her father. Sonny gets mad and storms off. Michael decides to call Dante. At the end, Sonny storms into Carly's house and says everything is Jax fault. 

Sam, Danny, Scout and Jason set up a picnic at the park. Alexis joins them and says she thinks someone stole a photo of her and Julian together. Sam and Jason are skeptical. However Jason says he'll look into it. Later we see that someone is watching them. Jason snaps a picture. At the end, he zooms into the picture with Sam and Alexis. They see a face in the bushes. Alexis looks closer and blurts out, "that's Julian!"

End of show!

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