Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I Want Answers

Tuesday's Recap - 

Laura and Tracy find the "Portrait of an Unknown Lady" in the monastery in Turkey. It bares a striking resemblance to Tracy. Realizing that she was lied to, Tracy demands answers from the monks. Then the Abbot of the monastery approaches them. He explains that Edward bought the painting years ago, because it reminded him of Tracy. He then hands Tracy a letter, supposedly from Edward from years before. Tracy reads it. In the letter, Edward says he loves her and wants her to forgive herself. He also says he wants Tracy to find the right place for the painting. Tracy wants to take the painting home, but the Abbot refuses. He says the painting has been auctioned off to a private buyer. However Tracy doesn't want to hear it and insists she knows just where to put it.  
Hayden thinks about Finn getting rough with her the night before in his hotel room. Then Finn comes out of the shower and thanks her for standing by him. She pulls away when he tries to touch her. Then Curtis stops by with some advice and supplies for Finn. Hayden makes an excuse to leave and heads to GH. She runs into Liz there. Hayden confides in Liz that Finn hurt her feelings during his withdrawals. Liz tells her it's okay to make herself a priority. Meanwhile back at Finn's place, Curtis reminds Finn about how he grabbed Hayden. Later Hayden returns and tells Finn he scared her emotionally. She then tells him she can't continue to help him. 

Liz introduces Andre to Jake at the hospital. She's worried about pushing Jake to talk about his time on Cassadine Island. Nearby Franco opens his paycheck and feels disappointed. Jake sees him and asks Franco to stick around for his therapy appointment. Franco has to tell him no, but wishes him luck. Later Jason arrives and Andre tells both he and Liz that he will only tell them what Jake says if he feels Jake is in danger. They agree. Later Jake starts his therapy with Andre. Jake tells Andre that in his fairy tale the Witch and the Scarecrow are friends. After Andre advises Jason and Liz to be careful, because Jake senses tension between them.

Sam gets a text message from Julian's bank at the penthouse. Jason thinks something seems off. Sam wonders if Julian could be alive. Later Sam looks at footage of a hooded man using the pay phone near the bridge. Nathan stops by to tell her that Julian's card was used to purchase a one way bus ticket to LA. Then Curtis comes over and Sam tells him about the bus ticket charged to Julian's credit card. 

At Kelly's, Nurse Amy chats on her cell phone about someone she's certain doesn't remember her. Then Dillon walks in and calls her, "that Amy." He then clarifies that she was Lord of the Rings Amy from high school. It turns out they are working on a reunion for Port Charles high school together. Kiki walks in so Dillon introduces her to Amy as his girlfriend. They all get talking and it's clear Amy is discouraged by Kiki's presence. Amy walks outs, tears up, and then tells Kristina (a friend) on the phone that Kiki is all wrong for Dillon. 

Meanwhile back inside, Kiki tells Dillon she signed up to be a certified Nurses' aid. Then Franco walks in and wants to talk to Kiki about Jake. He feels frustrated that he can't help Jake more. After Jake calls Franco to help finish his art timeline with him, but once again Franco turns him down. 

Carly comes home to find Jax in her house. She jumps into his arms for a hug. They catch up about Olivia Jerome being Morgan's killer. Jax then has to tell Carly that lady Jane died. Carly is sorry to hear it, but thinks Jane would have been happy to see her marriage to Sonny fail. She explains that Sonny slept with another woman and lied about it. However Jax is surprised that Carly is upset over a one night stand. Carly explains that Nelle turned out to be a Benson. Jax says it's all his fault. Then he confesses that he payed off Frank Benson for Nelle's kidney.

End of show!

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