Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Will You Marry Me?

Here's What Happened - 

Curtis and Jordan get together for dinner at The Metro Court. She offers him his badge back, but Curtis says he no longer wants it. Jordan asks what changed. Curtis says he likes the freedom of the private eye business. He also says that if he and Jordan get together they won't have to worry about awkwardness at work.

Ava tells Tracy at The Metro Court that she'll help track down the painting she wants, if Tracy helps her with her debts. Tracy relunctantly agrees. Ava gets her a contact in Istanbul and leaves Tracy to contact them. Later Laura shows up and offers to help Tracy translate in Turkish. Laura ends up finding out that the painting is in a monastery in Istanbul. Tracy wants Laura to come with her to get the painting. Meanwhile Ava runs to meet Lucy and gives her a check. However Lucy says it's not enough. Ava then offers her a little, but valuable sculpture to sweeten the deal. Lucy takes the deal and gives Ava Morgan's pills. 

Nathan and Dante chat at the coffee shop. Nathan says Maxie is going to Portland for a three month job and he already misses her like crazy. Nathan says he's going to visit Maxie on the weekends. Dante wonders if he talked to Maxie about how this would effect him. Nathan answers that it's Maxie dream job and he didn't want to stand in her way. 

Valentin tells Anna at Wyndermere that they were lovers in the past. More specifically, he says she used him for info. Anna tells him she has no memory of this. Valentin says the past is unflattering to both of them. He also says Anna broke his heart. Anna thinks that doesn't sound like her. Then Nina walks in while Anna and Valentin are having a moment together. Nina wants Anna to leave, which Anna does. Once alone, Nina questions Valentin. He tells her that Anna branded him a traitor in past after seducing him. Nina blames Anna for everything. Then she offers to help Valentin and promises never to betray him. 

Nurse Amy chats up Griffin by the Nurses' station. Then Nina approaches Griffin about a doctor for Charlotte. Nina asks Griffin to tell Anna to back off her husband. Griffin tells her that he can't control Anna and he thinks Valentin is after Anna, not the other way around. Later Anna comes to see Griffin and says she can't remember anything about Valentin from the past. However at the end, Anna remembers something and says she needs to take a trip. 

Olivia meets Ned at The Floating Rib for a beer. He tells her about his father being back in town, but says he wants to focus on their future. Then Ned pulls out an engagement ring and proposes to Olivia again. Olivia gets emotional, says she wants to spend her life with Ned, but she doesn't want to get married. She asks why Ned wants that piece of paper. Ned thinks marriage means stability, romance and commitment. Olivia asks if Ned is going to break up with her, but before he can answer a group of masked gunmen burst in saying it's a robbery. 

End of show!

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