Wednesday, March 15, 2017

When She Least Expects It

Wednesday's Recap - 

Sonny confronts Rudge on the bridge. He demands that Rudge tell him where Olivia is or he'll shoot him. Rudge says he doesn't know where Olivia went, but he realizes that he picked the wrong boss. Rudge does tell him that Olivia told him she had one last wrong to right. Meanwhile Jordan brings Ava to the PCPD for Dante to question about her encounter with Olivia. Then Alexis storms in and says she thinks Julian is dead. Alexis tells them what happened with Olivia and Julian on the bridge. Jordan and Dante leave to investigate. 

After Ava asks Alexis if she actually saw Olivia shoot Julian. Alexis answers no so they decide to go looking for Julian together. They head to the bridge and find Jordan and Dante pulling Rudge up from the base of the bridge. Jordan has him arrested, but not before Rudge tells Dante about his experience with Sonny. Later an officer finds a bloody jacket that Ava and Alexis identify as Julian's. Jordan tells them to accept that Julian is likely dead.  

At the Quartermaine's, Kiki comes to visit Dillon and catches him watching the Gilmore Girls on his computer. Dillon thinks she came over by surprise to end their relationship, but Kiki assures him that's not the case. Kiki then tells him about her undead aunt Olivia and Ava's innocence. Dillon hopes that Kiki can start focusing on them now. They end up making out right as Monica and Tracy walk in. Tracy is annoyed that Dillon didn't know about the bomb at the hospital. Dillon apologizes and takes Kiki upstairs. Tracy is shocked that Dillon would take Kiki upstairs in front of her and asks Monica why he doesn't have any shame. Monica snarks that they never did. 

Upstairs, Dillon and Kiki hit the sheets. Downstairs, Tracy hopes Dillon doesn't get Kiki pregnant. Then Monica excuses herself to visit with a special friend. Monica suggests that Tracy make a friend of her own. Before leaving, Monica gives Tracy a letter from Larry Ashton. In the letter, he says he has an important matter to discuss with Tracy. She decides to ignore it and rips it up. Meanwhile in his room, Dillon asks Kiki to spend the night.

Carly holds Olivia Jerome at gunpoint by Morgan's grave. Olivia begs for her life while crying that she's sorry. Carly gives a long speech about her broken heart and all the things Morgan will never get to do. Then they hear a gunshot and the sound of tires screeching. Olivia uses the distraction to run away. Carly chases her and fires at her. She grazes Olivia's face and prepares to a kill shot. Then Sonny comes running over and tells Carly to stop. Sonny says Olivia will die when she least expects it, but Carly's not a killer. Carly decides to give Sonny the gun. After Dante arrives and Sonny turns Olivia over to him to arrest. 

End of show!

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