Friday, March 17, 2017

The Good Old Days

Here's What Happened -

Scotty visits Olivia at the PCPD. She's happy to see him because they knew each other in the, "good old days." Scotty says she's belongs in jail. Later Dante tells Olivia he hopes she rots in hell. Meanwhile Anna visits Morgan's grave. Felicia shows up to visit Georgie's grave and they up chatting about their lost children as well as Olivia Jerome. After Anna goes to see Olivia. They talk about Olivia's whereabouts over the years. 

Then Olivia says the loss of Anna's baby and Morgan were just accidents. Olivia also says she was reincarnated by a doctor in China, which is why she thought she could bring Duke back. Olivia blames Anna for Duke dying, along with Julian. Anna thinks Olivia is done for now, but then Olivia pretends to know a secret about Anna.

Alexis reads Julian's letter at the coffee shop. We see Julian read it out loud (even though he's not really there) to Alexis. It basically says Olivia forced him to try to kill Alexis, because Olivia threatened their children. Later nice Olivia approaches Alexis. They talk about Julian and Alexis says she might have been wrong about him. Olivia reads Julian's letter and says she believes that Julian really loved her, despite his many flaws.

Sonny gets a visit from Ava who wants Sonny to acknowledge her innocence in Morgan's death. However Sonny wants to know what Ava did to feel guilty about regarding Morgan. Ava plays it off and quickly leaves. After Ava meets Scotty. She tells him that he has to get Morgan's pills back from Lucy. Meanwhile Dante goes to Sonny's and advises him to get out of the business. Sonny changes the subject to Valentin and says if Dante needs his "help" to let him know. 

Carly and Jason talk at the hospital about Sonny. Carly gets upset when Jason admits he's known about Nelle since December. Jason talks her down and advises her to go back to Sonny. Later Jason promises baby Scout that he'll always protect her. At the end, Carly knocks on Sonny's door.

End of show!

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