Thursday, March 2, 2017

She Set Me Up

Today's Show - 

Tracy takes Finn and Hayden to The Metro Court to celebrate the hospital being saved. However Finn and Hayden can't get over their argument to get into the mood. Tracy tells them to knock it off and pours champagne. Hayden worries that Finn sold his soul along with his patent. Finn defends himself and says he made sure there was a rider option to make his drug available generically. In private, Hayden tells Tracy that Finn has a drug problem. Later Tracy wants to talk to Finn about his addiction. Finn says he's going to quit, but Tracy and Hayden don't think that's enough. 

Laura wakes up in the parking lot of JFK airport and can't remember how she got there. Kevin finds her and startles her. Laura tells Kevin she can't recall what happened to her. He suggests she try to retrace her steps. Laura says she feels dizzy. Kevin thinks she was drugged. Laura asks how he knew how to find her. Kevin answers that he got a text from her. 

Jason grabs Franco at GH while waiting for Sam to get out of surgery. Robin sees them and breaks it up. Franco walks off and after Jason explains to Robin what happened to Sam via Olivia Jerome. Liz comes over and tells Jason the baby is doing okay, but Sam is hemorrhaging. Later Jason leaves a message for Alexis telling her about Sam. Liz comes back over and tells Jason that Sam is critical. Robin advises Jason to pray. After Robin and Jason go to see the baby, Scout. 

Carly yells at Sonny in Nelle's apartment that he ruined things between them. Then Nelle and Michael show up. Carly starts grilling Nelle so Sonny confesses to Michael that he slept with Nelle. Sonny says that he thinks Nelle set him up by recording him. Nelle admits to her various wrong doings, but claims she was going to call, "it" off. Carly wants to know what, "it" is. Nelle cries and tells Michael that she's sorry. Carly starts to lay into Nelle so Nelle says the reason she's bad is because of Carly. 

Liz asks Franco at GH to check on the boys for her. He says yes and tells her he feels bad for Jason. Franco also tells Liz he's never been happier about his life since there relationship started. Later Franco talks to Jake about what happened to Sam and her baby. Jake says Helena's curse is coming for Sam. Meanwhile back at GH, Liz tells Jason he needs to go visit Sam as soon as possible. 

End of show!

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