Friday, March 31, 2017


Today's Show - 

Sonny goes to visit Michael at ELQ. He tells him that he and Carly are breaking up. Michael isn't surprised given everything that has happened between them. Later Michael gets distracted by work, but assures Sonny that he's over Nelle. Sonny worries that Nelle staying in town will be awkward for Michael. However Michael insists that he doesn't need to worry and he still loves Sonny. At the end, Michael is alone and keeps thinking about Nelle. 

Valentin comes home to Wyndermere to find Jason waiting to speak with him. Jason wants to talk about Cassadine Island. He asks if there are any scarecrows on the island. Valentin finds it an odd question, but says Jason can search the island if he wants. Valentin suggests that Jason start looking in the olive grove. Valentin says there is a spooky scarecrow there. 

Liz pulls Franco aside at GH to clarify his marriage proposal. Liz wonders if this is about the Jake/Jason situation and not their love. Franco says he loves her and wants to be her husband. However he does admit that he wants a say in Jake's life. Liz says she has to consider Jason's wishes and for now, Franco needs to keep a little distance. Later Jason comes to GH to talk to Liz about Jake. They decide to go tell Kevin about their concerns regarding Jake. Kevin says they should talk to Andre. Meanwhile Jake sends a text to Franco saying he wants to do more art with him. 

Lulu goes to Kelly's and bumps into Nelle. Lulu wants to talk about Charlotte. They sit down and Lulu confides in Nelle about her dilemma with Valentin. Lulu admits that she scared Charlotte away and says that she wishes she could take it back now. Nelle asks if Michael is doing okay. Lulu says Michael is keeping to himself. Later Nelle goes to Wyndermere and tells Valentin about her encounter with Lulu. Valentin says Lulu is not to be trusted. 

Laura goes to visit Kevin at the hospital. She tells him she's going on a trip to Turkey with Tracy. Kevin is a little surprised to hear it, but supports her choice. Laura kisses him goodbye. Then she leaves saying she'll be in touch. Later Laura meets up with Lulu outside of Kelly's and tells her about the trip with Tracy. Lulu ends up telling Laura about her talk with Nelle.

Alexis gets a hung up call at her house. Then the phone rings again and she thinks it's Julian. However Sam is on the other line. She invites Alexis over. Later Alexis arrives at Sam's place and Sam asks if she was drinking. Alexis admits to it and says she had a relapse, but is back to recovery now. Alexis then tells Sam about "seeing" Julian during her binge. Alexis thinks the weird call she got earlier is suspicious. Sam traces the number to payphone near where Julian died. After Sam calls the gas station nearby where Julian died to see if they have surveillance cameras. Meanwhile Alexis goes back home and hears ghostly sounds coming from the door.

End of show!

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