Monday, March 27, 2017

No Longer Worth Saving

Today's Show - 

Scotty meets Ava at The Metro Court. Ava says she's looking after Julian's assets until he comes back. Then Scotty brings up acquiring Morgan's pills from Lucy. He says he's meeting Lucy and Ava needs to leave. However Lucy arrives before she departs. Ava rushes off and after Lucy sits down with Scotty. He asks Lucy for the Morgan's pills back. Lucy refuses and says her real friend is Sonny. Then she leaves. At the end, Scotty tells Ava they have a problem. 

Laura interrupts Carly and Sonny at the coffee shop having a disagreement. Carly storms off in anger. After Laura offers to listen if Sonny needs to talk, but he declines. Then they talk about Valentin. They have a nice chat and Sonny offers to help Laura if she needs it. Laura says she might take him up on that. Then Laura brings up Nelle being Charlotte's nanny. Sonny warns Laura against Nelle. Later Laura leaves a message for Lulu saying Nelle might be useful. 

Sam talks to Alexis on the phone at her place about Julian. Sam asks her to come over to talk. Alexis tells her not to worry. Then we see that Alexis is at her house with a bottle of booze. Later Carly stops by and vents to Sam about her marriage. Carly's is afraid that Sonny doesn't want to save the relationship. Sam disagrees and says Carly is the only woman who really gets Sonny. After Carly decides to go see Sonny at his house. While there, Lucy shows up with Morgan's pills in her hand. 

At Liz's place, she shows Jason Jake's drawing with Franco standing by. Jason is worried that they shouldn't open old wounds. Franco jumps in and says Jake is a time bomb waiting to go off. Jason is reluctant to listen to Franco and thinks Franco is up to something. Jason also thinks maybe Jake should spend less time with Franco. After, Liz is angry with Jason's attitude. Franco thinks Jason will come around. However Liz says maybe they should postpone moving in together. Franco is clearly upset, but quietly leaves. Meanwhile Jason goes home and tells Sam he thinks something is wrong with Jake. 

Alexis can't stop thinking about Julian's letter at her house. Then Ava drops by before Alexis can take a drink. They end up talking. Ava is convinced that Julian is alive and she wants Alexis to help her. Ava ends up finding Alexis's booze and offers to take Alexis to a meeting. However Alexis doesn't want to hear it and takes a drink in front of her. Ava says she's no longer worth saving and walks out. Later Alexis is passed out on the couch. Someone starts rattling her door knob. She stumbles to answer and looks off put when she opens the door. 

End of show!

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