Monday, March 6, 2017

Just Like The Man I Loved

Today's Show - 

Valentin storms into Crimson and demands to know why Nina didn't come home last night. He tells her that Charlotte missed seeing her this morning. Nina says she's doesn't believe that Valentin is over Anna. He swears he doesn't care about Anna and asks if Nina will stand by him in court. Nina thinks it's better she doesn't show up, because she's feeling emotional. Later Nina calls Charlotte to apologize. Nina sings a song over the phone with Charlotte to make it up to her. At the end, Laura drops by with a proposition for Nina. 

Diane runs into Nora Buchanan at The Metro Court. Diane doesn't realize who Nora is and talks about going up against a tough lawyer from Llanview, PA in Lulu's custody case. However Nora knows who she is and says she loves Diane's book about Spinelli. Nora gets Diane to talk about how she plans to win Lulu's case. Laura and Lulu walk in. Diane finally asks for Nora's name. Then Valentin walks in and introduces Nora as his lawyer. Later Lulu learns that Valentin and Nina are having problems. Diane thinks it might help their case. Meanwhile Valentin talks to Nora in private nearby. Nora advises him to make a strong standing as a married man in court. 

Franco escorts Liz to work. He mentions that Jake thinks Sam is cursed. Franco worries that Jake might still be struggling with what happened to him on Cassadine Island. Liz looks concerned, but says Jake seems okay overall. Later Liz learns that Franco got a job as a parking attendant for the parking garage. Liz is proud of him. They kiss up against a car and hear someone moaning inside. They find Julian passed out in the trunk. 

Anna grabs her gun and prepares to leave the hospital. Dante walks in and asks what's going on with her. Anna is determined to go after Olivia Jerome. Later Griffin walks in just as Anna is telling Dante she wants to bait Olivia out of hiding. In private, Griffin tells Anna that she needs to stay in the hospital. Later they hear that Julian was brought into GH. Griffin checks on him, as does Anna. They talk about Olivia. Anna is thankful that Olivia doesn't know Griffin is Duke's son. At the end, Julian wakes up to find Anna standing over him demanding to know what Olivia is up to. 

Olivia wakes Robin up in the basement of the hospital. Robin is gagged and tied to a chair. Olivia tells Robin she's at the hospital to restore balance for Duke's death. Robin is confused. Olivia explains that she's expanded her consciousness and plans to resurrect Duke. She takes Robin into Helena's old lab, where she brought Stavros back to life. Robin says it's not possible to bring Duke back, despite Olivia having some of Duke's DNA. Olivia freaks out at first, but then she gets an idea. At the end, Olivia finds Griffin in the hospital elevator. She tells Griffin he's just as memorable as his father Duke, the man she loved.

End of show!

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