Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Jason to the Rescue

Here's What Happened - 

Liz and Franco wake up in bed and look forward to another round of love making. Then Monica calls and tells Liz to come to work, because the hospital has been saved. Later Franco and Liz go to the hospital and speak with Monica. Liz is immediately put back on the schedule, but Monica tells Franco they can't keep the art department open. Franco worries what the next step for him will be.

Alexis and Curtis show Jordan a picture of Olivia Jerome in her office. Alexis is worried about Sam. Curtis says Olivia is responsible for Morgan's death. Jordan tells Alexis to call Olivia, "as her sponsor," to find out where Sam is. Meanwhile Olivia threatens to kill Julian in her apartment. She rants and holds a knife to his throat, but then says she needs to take things in a new direction. Julian says he will help her go in whatever direction she wants. Then Olivia gets a call from Alexis asking for help to keep her from drinking, but Olivia refuses.

Nelle and Michael go to the hospital together. She cries that she did something terrible. Michael asks what, but then Monica interrupts. Monica thanks Michael for helping to save the hospital. After Michael asks Nelle what she did again. Nelle tells him a story about feeling guilty for ignoring a sick friend in Atlanta. She says she has to go back to Atlanta. Michael wants to go with her. Nelle thinks it's a good idea and they head to her place to pack. 

Sonny admits to Carly that he slept with Nelle in Nelle's apartment. Carly plays him Nelle's recording. Sonny listens and says Nelle set him up from the beginning. He thinks Nelle is playing the both of them. Carly doesn't care. She only wants to know how Sonny could do this to their marriage. He explains that he thought Carly had left him, he was depressed because of Morgan and got drunk. He insists that Nelle is trying to set them up. Sonny says he can't remember sleeping with her and only covered it up, because he didn't want to hurt Carly. At the end, Michael and Nelle return to find them there. 

Jason revives his baby girl at the base of the bridge, but then Sam passes out. Jason wakes Sam up, who starts crying. He shows her that the baby is okay. Sam is relieved, but insists that Jason save the baby and come back for her. Jason refuses to leave her. Sam says she's tired. Jason notices blood and says they have to go. Jason insists that Sam hold the baby so he can carry them both to safety. Sam ends up passing out again, but Jason manages to get her to the hospital. Sam is rushed into the ER.

End of show!

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