Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I'm Back

Wednesday's Recap - 

Nelle gets a visit from Carly at her apartment. Carly warns Nelle to stay away from her family. Nelle shows Carly the baby rattle she's been holding and says it was Carly's that Frank Benson kept, because he loved Carly so much. Carly says he only cared about her money. Convinced Carly is lying, Nelle shows Carly a bunch of letters that Frank had sent to Carly over the years. Nelle also shows Carly a mean letter she sent to Frank in response. Nelle thinks Carly used her for her kidney. Carly doesn't want to hear it and orders Nelle to leave town or else. 

Meanwhile Sonny goes to see Michael at ELQ to apologize for sleeping with Nelle. Michael says he loves Sonny, but thinks Sonny gave Nelle the chance to trash their family. Sonny warns Michael that Nelle is a user and says he hopes Michael won't let her back in. Back at Nelle's apartment, she decides to stay in Port Charles. 

Nina shows up at Charlotte's custody hearing and takes the stand. Laura hopes Nina will speak against Valentin. Nora and Valentin hope Nina will speak on his behalf. Nina ends up saying how she loves Charlotte and Valentin. After Nina tells Valentin that their marriage is worth fighting for. Diane approaches the judge and claims Valentin kidnapped his own daughter. Valentin is asked to take the stand. Diane argues that Valentin knew Lulu was Charlotte's mother and denied her access to her own daughter. The judge decides that the court will order a psychiatrist to learn what Charlotte wants. The judge also scolds Diane for accusing Valentin of kidnapping. Diane hopes the psychiatrist will work in Lulu's favor. 

Jordan tells Julian she can't find Olivia in the basement in his hospital room. Julian thinks Olivia might go after Griffin and insists that Olivia wants what's underneath the hospital. Jordan takes off to look again. Back in Julian's room, Rudge pays him a visit and attempts to kill him. They struggle, but then Felix walks in. Rudge runs off. Julian tells Felix to get Jordan back as soon as possible. Later Jordan puts the hospital on lock down. Felix notices Rudge in the hallway so Jordan goes after him. Jordan ends up finding a secret passageway in the basement, but then gets knocked out from behind. 

In the hospital basement lab, Olivia and Anna fight. Griffin pretends to be a reincarnated Duke in order to fool Olivia into his control. Olivia falls for it and sees the real Duke standing in front of her. He says, "I'm back!" He tells her they can run away together. He tells Anna to walk away. However, Olivia insists that Anna has to die. Griffin offers to kill Anna for Olivia and gets her to give him her gun. He quickly points the gun back at Olivia. Then Olivia has a bunch of flashbacks about her time with Duke in the 80's. After she realizes that Griffin tricked her so she attacks him. At the end, Olivia warns Anna that if she turns her in, she'll never tell her what she did to Robin. 

End of show!

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