Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I Miss Us

Today's Recap - 

Lulu and Laura meet Kevin at The Floating Rib. Lulu wants Kevin to make an evaluation on Charlotte for the court. Kevin says he can't, because it's a conflict of interest. Laura asks if he could at least find out who is doing the evaluation and put in a good word for them. Kevin is reluctant, but assures Lulu and Laura that whoever the therapist is, they will do what's right for Charlotte. Once alone, Laura asks Kevin for his honest opinion on the hearing. Kevin answers that it could go either way.

Franco and Liz go back to her place and Jake sees them kissing. Liz explains that something happened at the hospital and shows him a picture of Sam's new baby. Jake responds by saying the baby doesn't look cursed. Liz and Franco assure Jake that the baby will be fine and curses aren't real. Jake gets a weird look on his face and seems to recount something Helena told him. Which was, "Never forget Jake, never tell." Franco takes Jake to bed and after he finds Liz looking at the book Helena left for Liz in her will. They review it together and decide to use art therapy as a method of getting Jake to remember his time with Helena. 

At the hospital, Andre comes to check on Jordan. He's concerned about Olivia nearly blowing Jordan and the hospital up. After Andre wants to talk about their failed relationship. He tells Jordan that he misses her and their relationship. Andre offers to be her friend, which Jordan appreciates. Then Curtis walks in. Jordan makes an excuse to leave. After Andre tells Curtis he doesn't like him. Curtis tells Andre he's not interested in Jordan romantically, but Andre doesn't believe it and calls him a player.

Curtis runs into Sonny at the hospital. Sonny asks for Curtis's help to track down Olivia. Curtis says he doesn't know much, but shows Sonny a picture of Rudge. Over at the bridge, Rudge approaches Olivia and says he couldn't find Alexis. Later Sonny runs into Rudge when he's alone on the bridge. Sonny pulls out his gun and demands that Rudge say Morgan's name. Then Sonny demands to know where Olivia is or he'll kill him. 

Ava cleans up after Carly smashed a glass at her apartment. Then she leaves a desperate message for Sonny asking to see Avery. Later Jordan knocks on the door. Ava tells her what happened when Olivia showed up and then called Julian away. Meanwhile Carly returns to Morgan's grave and says she wants revenge for his death. Then Olivia bumps into Carly at the graveyard. Carly immediately recognizes her and confronts her for killing Morgan. Olivia pulls a gun out so they end up struggling. Carly gets a hold of it and shoots Olivia in the arm. Carly then points the gun at Olivia, who apologizes for Morgan by saying it was just a terrible accident. Carly doesn't want to hear and says she really wants to kill her. 
End of show!

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