Thursday, March 30, 2017

Everybody Be Cool...This Is A Robbery!

Thursday's Recap - 

Laura tells Tracy she's not going to Turkey at The Metro Court. Tracy doesn't like what she hears and tries to convince Laura to come with her. Tracy goes on about how she'll just go there and get what she wants. Laura worries that she'll get herself into trouble, if she's not careful. At the end, Laura decides to go with her afterall. Tracy is grateful and hugs Laura. 

Jason places a call to Curtis to ask him to help with Jake while Curtis is at dinner with Jordan. After Curtis asks Jordan if she's ready to take things between them to the next level. Jordan agrees to go home with him, but then she gets a call about an alarm going off at The Floating Rib. Meanwhile Sam and Jason enjoy being home together, but Jason can't stop thinking about Jake. Jason tells Sam about Franco's art therapy with Jake and says he doesn't trust Franco. Jason hates that Franco is involved in his son's life. After Jason says he's got an idea on how to help Jake. 

Nina finds Franco waiting for her at Wyndermere. He says he wants to wish her a happy marriage and brings a coffee maker as a gift. He asks if he can talk to Nina about Elizabeth and Jake. Nina thinks it's weird of him to ask her for advice, especially about being a father. Then Nina says he has no legal rights to Jake. Franco thinks that means he should marry Elizabeth. Nina tells him that's a great idea and sees him off. 

At The Floating Rib, robbers take everyone's phones at gunpoint. One of the robbers grabs Ava and says he'll kill her if anyone moves. Then they make everyone empty their pockets and purses. They take Morgan's pills that Ava wanted from Lucy. One of the robbers makes Olivia give him her jewelry. However Olivia refuses to give Ned's engagement ring to them. She makes a dramatic speech about how special the ring is. 

One of the robbers points a gun at Olivia and is ready to shoot. Ned jumps in the way to save her and a shot goes off. Thankfully, Jordan shows up just in time to save the day. After Olivia gets emotional and asks Ned to marry her. Of course he says yes and they rejoice. Nearby Ava wants to get her valuables, including Morgan's pills, back from the robbers. However Jordan tells her that's not possible. Lucy manages to get the pricey sculpture though. Nearby Curtis wants a rain check from Jordan for them to have a night together. 

Liz calls Franco from the hospital and asks him to call her back. After Kiki approaches Liz and says she's volunteering at the hospital in the psych ward. Then Liz mentions to Kiki that Jason is making things difficult for her to move forward with Franco. Kiki worries that Liz will ditch Franco if Jason puts up a big fuss. Kiki says she should fight for both Jake and Franco. At the end, Franco comes to the hospital. He gets on one knee and asks Liz to marry him. Meanwhile Jason goes to Wyndermere looking for Valentin. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

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