Monday, March 13, 2017

Da Bomb

Here's What Happened - 

At the hospital, Dante and Jordan discuss Jason and Curtis being trapped with the bomb. Then Elizabeth walks over to them after staying behind to care for patients. Dante tells Liz about the bomb and Jason being trapped with it. Meanwhile in the hospital elevator, Curtis and Jason are relieved to see the bomb squad arrive. Jason wants Curtis to leave him, but Curtis say it's too late. With the help of the bomb squad directing him, Curtis tries to disarm the bomb. He cuts the wire right as the timer is almost at zero.

Sam panics about Jason outside the hospital. She asks Epiphany to take the baby somewhere safe. Then Franco shows up and tries to help Sam from running into the hospital to go after Jason. Sam lashes out at Franco and brings up their ugly past. Franco is worried about Liz. Sam says she'll be fine because Jason is in there. They hear an alarm going off. Sam panics, but then Jason comes walking out safe and sound. 

Sonny visits Morgan's grave to tell him the person who killed him will be brought to justice. Carly shows up with flowers for Morgan's headstone. Sonny asks if Carly can forgive him. She answers that she could forgive him for sleeping with Nelle, but not for him lying afterward. Carly thinks he let Nelle take advantage of their family. Sonny says he's sorry. Carly asks for him to leave her alone with Morgan. After Carly talks to Morgan. She tells him everything is a mess and she loves him. 

Jordan sees Curtis walking by the nurse's station. She thinks he took a big risk with the bomb. Curtis acts like it's all in a day's work. Then he insists Jordan get her head looked at. Curtis thinks it's good for her that he's looking out for her. In a nearby hospital room, Sam and Jason sit with baby Scout. Sonny walks in and ends up telling Jason about his problems with Carly. At the end, Sonny tells Jason and Sam they need to cherish every moment with their little girl. After Sonny makes a phone call to his people demanding they find Olivia.

At Ava's place, Ava and Julian receive a call from Olivia. She tells Julian she kidnapped Alexis and wants him to meet her at the bridge. Julian storms off with his gun ready. After Ava calls Carly and asks to see Avery. Carly comes storming over ready to rip Ava a new one. Ava is quick to tell her she was found innocent of all charges related to Morgan's car bomb. Ava shows Carly a picture of Olivia Jerome on her tablet. Carly says she wants to find Olivia before the police do so she can kill her. 

Hayden talks with Finn in the hospital break room as he suffers from withdrawals. She helps comfort him and brings him a barf bucket. Finn asks why she's sticking by him. Hayden answers that he never ran from her so she won't run from him. Then they hear that the hospital evacuation is over. Later Liz and Franco walk in. Liz tells Finn she'll keep his secret about being addicted to Zen Zen as long as he takes a leave of absence. Finn agrees to her terms. At the end, Finn tells Hayden he needs to fight his withdrawals alone. 

Alexis wakes up and finds herself handcuffed to the bridge. Olivia is standing over her and says she's going to use her to teach Julian a lesson. Later Julian shows up. Olivia puts a gun to his back and says she's going to make Julian kill Alexis in revenge for him killing Duke. Julian takes the gun, but shoots Alexis's handcuff, thus freeing her. Then he screams for Alexis to run. Alexis goes to run, but then hears another gun shot. When she turns around, Julian is gone and Olivia is looking down over the bridge. 

End of show!

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