Thursday, March 23, 2017

Coffee & Donuts

Here's What Happened - 

Sam and Jason spend some family time at home with baby Scout. Then they get a visit from Sonny with a stuffed bear for the baby. Sonny holds the baby and says he loves the new baby smell. Then Sonny and Jason briefly talk about Carly. Sonny gets sad and decides to leave. After Jason and Sam regale on how nice it is to be home with their kids. Danny comes down and they all cuddle on the couch together. At the end, Sam and Danny fall asleep. Next to them, Jason talks to baby Scout about her traumatic birth.

Hayden goes to see Finn and finds Roxy outside his room. When she opens the door, Hayden finds Finn having the shakes. Hayden decides to put Finn in the shower with his clothes on and she joins, also with her clothes on. After Finn still refuses to go to rehab. Instead he asks Hayden to tie him up to a chair until his withdrawals pass. At first Hayden refuses, but at the end, she goes along with the idea.

At The Metro Court, Tracy snaps at the waiter when he asks if she's alone. Ned sees she's upset so he sits down. Ned ends up telling Tracy that Olivia turned down his marriage proposal. Tracy gets worked up and can't believe that Olivia wouldn't want to join their family. Then NuLarry Ashton shows up. He tells Tracy he has an opportunity for her to make a lot of money and it's something Edward wanted for her. Tracy tells him to get lost, but she has a curious expression on her face. After Ned implores Tracy not to fall for anything his father has to offer. 

Liz goes home to find that Franco is ready to pamper her. He lights candles, gives her wine and has Liz soak her feet in a foot bath, which she loves. Then Liz asks how Franco's progress with Jake's art therapy is going. Franco shows her some drawings Jake made showing he doesn't remember much from his past. However there is a skull with an x drawn on the paper. Later Liz asks Franco to spend the night. They end up in bed together and after Liz asks Franco to move in with her. Franco answers yes. 

At the PCPD, Jordan tells Olivia that Rudge turned on her. Jordan is convinced that someone was helping Olivia over the years and says she's going to find out who. Olivia smirks and responds, "Soda town." Jordan gets pissed and walks out. After she chats with Curtis and thanks him for his help with Olivia's case. Then Sonny walks in and wants to talk to Olivia. Jordan allows it so Sonny walks into the interrogation room. Sonny tells Olivia that sooner or later he will have her killed. Olivia seems genuinely afraid.

Meanwhile Jordan and Curtis have donuts and coffee in the hallway. Jordan offers to help Curtis get his police badge back. She suggests that they discuss it over dinner. Curtis agrees. At the end, the officers from the Darkem or Darkham (I'm not sure) asylum come to collect Olivia. She begins to rant and screams that Sonny said he was going to kill her. Jordan and Curtis look on with pleasure. Curtis tells Sonny that he admires the impact he has on people. Sonny then walks out of the station looking pleased with himself. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

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