Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Brit and Fiason Mention Today

Today's Show - 

Griffin goes to the courthouse to testify against Olivia. She thinks he can't stay away from her. Olivia also hints that she knows something about his mother. Then Nora walks in saying she's representing Olivia. Nora tells Griffin and his lawyer to keep their distance. Later the trial begins. Kevin has to testify first, then Griffin. The judge ultimately remand's Olivia to the "Darkem" facility. After Olivia makes an odd comment to Nora by saying, "say hi to your cowboy." Nora looks confused and walks out. Later we see Nora conspiring with Valentin about Olivia. She refers to Olivia as Valentin's associate.

Nell runs into Michael at Kelly's and tells him about her new job. Michael asks why she's staying in town. Nell says she wants to make amends. Meanwhile Kevin tells Laura outside that he thinks Andre's testimony in the custody case was right. Laura is upset at first, but then realizes he means well. Then Laura walks into Kelly's and sees Nell. In private, Laura asks Michael about Nell. Michael gives her the cliff notes version of Nell's history, but also notes he's no longer friends with her.

Lulu goes to Crimson and vents to Dillon about the custody decision. He thinks she should look at it as an opportunity to win over her daughter. Lulu doesn't agree with him and says there are "other" options. Dillon advises against doing anything rash. Later Lulu meets Laura at Kelly's. Laura tells her that Nell might be the answer to their problem.

Valentin tells Nina at The Metro Court that's he's done with Anna. Then Nora approaches them and asks Valentin to follow the court's orders and cooperative with Lulu. Nina and Valentin agree. Later Nina tells Valentin about hiring Nell. After Valentin speaks with Nell and warns her not to let anything happen to Charlotte or else.

Anna calls Dr. Obrecht over to help her with Valentin. Anna asks if Fiason knew anything about Valentin. Anna wants Dr. O to get a message to him. Obrecht gets upset by the idea and asks what's in it for her. Dr. O wants the charges dropped against Brit and Fiason. Anna says she can't do that so Obrecht walks out. After Griffin stops by to talk to Anna about Olivia bringing up his mother. Anna thinks they should focus on Valentin. Meanwhile at The Metro Court, Dr. O sees Nora talking to Valentin and makes a mysterious phone call.

End of show!

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