Friday, March 31, 2017


Today's Show - 

Sonny goes to visit Michael at ELQ. He tells him that he and Carly are breaking up. Michael isn't surprised given everything that has happened between them. Later Michael gets distracted by work, but assures Sonny that he's over Nelle. Sonny worries that Nelle staying in town will be awkward for Michael. However Michael insists that he doesn't need to worry and he still loves Sonny. At the end, Michael is alone and keeps thinking about Nelle. 

Valentin comes home to Wyndermere to find Jason waiting to speak with him. Jason wants to talk about Cassadine Island. He asks if there are any scarecrows on the island. Valentin finds it an odd question, but says Jason can search the island if he wants. Valentin suggests that Jason start looking in the olive grove. Valentin says there is a spooky scarecrow there. 

Liz pulls Franco aside at GH to clarify his marriage proposal. Liz wonders if this is about the Jake/Jason situation and not their love. Franco says he loves her and wants to be her husband. However he does admit that he wants a say in Jake's life. Liz says she has to consider Jason's wishes and for now, Franco needs to keep a little distance. Later Jason comes to GH to talk to Liz about Jake. They decide to go tell Kevin about their concerns regarding Jake. Kevin says they should talk to Andre. Meanwhile Jake sends a text to Franco saying he wants to do more art with him. 

Lulu goes to Kelly's and bumps into Nelle. Lulu wants to talk about Charlotte. They sit down and Lulu confides in Nelle about her dilemma with Valentin. Lulu admits that she scared Charlotte away and says that she wishes she could take it back now. Nelle asks if Michael is doing okay. Lulu says Michael is keeping to himself. Later Nelle goes to Wyndermere and tells Valentin about her encounter with Lulu. Valentin says Lulu is not to be trusted. 

Laura goes to visit Kevin at the hospital. She tells him she's going on a trip to Turkey with Tracy. Kevin is a little surprised to hear it, but supports her choice. Laura kisses him goodbye. Then she leaves saying she'll be in touch. Later Laura meets up with Lulu outside of Kelly's and tells her about the trip with Tracy. Lulu ends up telling Laura about her talk with Nelle.

Alexis gets a hung up call at her house. Then the phone rings again and she thinks it's Julian. However Sam is on the other line. She invites Alexis over. Later Alexis arrives at Sam's place and Sam asks if she was drinking. Alexis admits to it and says she had a relapse, but is back to recovery now. Alexis then tells Sam about "seeing" Julian during her binge. Alexis thinks the weird call she got earlier is suspicious. Sam traces the number to payphone near where Julian died. After Sam calls the gas station nearby where Julian died to see if they have surveillance cameras. Meanwhile Alexis goes back home and hears ghostly sounds coming from the door.

End of show!

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Everybody Be Cool...This Is A Robbery!

Thursday's Recap - 

Laura tells Tracy she's not going to Turkey at The Metro Court. Tracy doesn't like what she hears and tries to convince Laura to come with her. Tracy goes on about how she'll just go there and get what she wants. Laura worries that she'll get herself into trouble, if she's not careful. At the end, Laura decides to go with her afterall. Tracy is grateful and hugs Laura. 

Jason places a call to Curtis to ask him to help with Jake while Curtis is at dinner with Jordan. After Curtis asks Jordan if she's ready to take things between them to the next level. Jordan agrees to go home with him, but then she gets a call about an alarm going off at The Floating Rib. Meanwhile Sam and Jason enjoy being home together, but Jason can't stop thinking about Jake. Jason tells Sam about Franco's art therapy with Jake and says he doesn't trust Franco. Jason hates that Franco is involved in his son's life. After Jason says he's got an idea on how to help Jake. 

Nina finds Franco waiting for her at Wyndermere. He says he wants to wish her a happy marriage and brings a coffee maker as a gift. He asks if he can talk to Nina about Elizabeth and Jake. Nina thinks it's weird of him to ask her for advice, especially about being a father. Then Nina says he has no legal rights to Jake. Franco thinks that means he should marry Elizabeth. Nina tells him that's a great idea and sees him off. 

At The Floating Rib, robbers take everyone's phones at gunpoint. One of the robbers grabs Ava and says he'll kill her if anyone moves. Then they make everyone empty their pockets and purses. They take Morgan's pills that Ava wanted from Lucy. One of the robbers makes Olivia give him her jewelry. However Olivia refuses to give Ned's engagement ring to them. She makes a dramatic speech about how special the ring is. 

One of the robbers points a gun at Olivia and is ready to shoot. Ned jumps in the way to save her and a shot goes off. Thankfully, Jordan shows up just in time to save the day. After Olivia gets emotional and asks Ned to marry her. Of course he says yes and they rejoice. Nearby Ava wants to get her valuables, including Morgan's pills, back from the robbers. However Jordan tells her that's not possible. Lucy manages to get the pricey sculpture though. Nearby Curtis wants a rain check from Jordan for them to have a night together. 

Liz calls Franco from the hospital and asks him to call her back. After Kiki approaches Liz and says she's volunteering at the hospital in the psych ward. Then Liz mentions to Kiki that Jason is making things difficult for her to move forward with Franco. Kiki worries that Liz will ditch Franco if Jason puts up a big fuss. Kiki says she should fight for both Jake and Franco. At the end, Franco comes to the hospital. He gets on one knee and asks Liz to marry him. Meanwhile Jason goes to Wyndermere looking for Valentin. 

End of show!

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Will You Marry Me?

Here's What Happened - 

Curtis and Jordan get together for dinner at The Metro Court. She offers him his badge back, but Curtis says he no longer wants it. Jordan asks what changed. Curtis says he likes the freedom of the private eye business. He also says that if he and Jordan get together they won't have to worry about awkwardness at work.

Ava tells Tracy at The Metro Court that she'll help track down the painting she wants, if Tracy helps her with her debts. Tracy relunctantly agrees. Ava gets her a contact in Istanbul and leaves Tracy to contact them. Later Laura shows up and offers to help Tracy translate in Turkish. Laura ends up finding out that the painting is in a monastery in Istanbul. Tracy wants Laura to come with her to get the painting. Meanwhile Ava runs to meet Lucy and gives her a check. However Lucy says it's not enough. Ava then offers her a little, but valuable sculpture to sweeten the deal. Lucy takes the deal and gives Ava Morgan's pills. 

Nathan and Dante chat at the coffee shop. Nathan says Maxie is going to Portland for a three month job and he already misses her like crazy. Nathan says he's going to visit Maxie on the weekends. Dante wonders if he talked to Maxie about how this would effect him. Nathan answers that it's Maxie dream job and he didn't want to stand in her way. 

Valentin tells Anna at Wyndermere that they were lovers in the past. More specifically, he says she used him for info. Anna tells him she has no memory of this. Valentin says the past is unflattering to both of them. He also says Anna broke his heart. Anna thinks that doesn't sound like her. Then Nina walks in while Anna and Valentin are having a moment together. Nina wants Anna to leave, which Anna does. Once alone, Nina questions Valentin. He tells her that Anna branded him a traitor in past after seducing him. Nina blames Anna for everything. Then she offers to help Valentin and promises never to betray him. 

Nurse Amy chats up Griffin by the Nurses' station. Then Nina approaches Griffin about a doctor for Charlotte. Nina asks Griffin to tell Anna to back off her husband. Griffin tells her that he can't control Anna and he thinks Valentin is after Anna, not the other way around. Later Anna comes to see Griffin and says she can't remember anything about Valentin from the past. However at the end, Anna remembers something and says she needs to take a trip. 

Olivia meets Ned at The Floating Rib for a beer. He tells her about his father being back in town, but says he wants to focus on their future. Then Ned pulls out an engagement ring and proposes to Olivia again. Olivia gets emotional, says she wants to spend her life with Ned, but she doesn't want to get married. She asks why Ned wants that piece of paper. Ned thinks marriage means stability, romance and commitment. Olivia asks if Ned is going to break up with her, but before he can answer a group of masked gunmen burst in saying it's a robbery. 

End of show!

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Monday, March 27, 2017

No Longer Worth Saving

Today's Show - 

Scotty meets Ava at The Metro Court. Ava says she's looking after Julian's assets until he comes back. Then Scotty brings up acquiring Morgan's pills from Lucy. He says he's meeting Lucy and Ava needs to leave. However Lucy arrives before she departs. Ava rushes off and after Lucy sits down with Scotty. He asks Lucy for the Morgan's pills back. Lucy refuses and says her real friend is Sonny. Then she leaves. At the end, Scotty tells Ava they have a problem. 

Laura interrupts Carly and Sonny at the coffee shop having a disagreement. Carly storms off in anger. After Laura offers to listen if Sonny needs to talk, but he declines. Then they talk about Valentin. They have a nice chat and Sonny offers to help Laura if she needs it. Laura says she might take him up on that. Then Laura brings up Nelle being Charlotte's nanny. Sonny warns Laura against Nelle. Later Laura leaves a message for Lulu saying Nelle might be useful. 

Sam talks to Alexis on the phone at her place about Julian. Sam asks her to come over to talk. Alexis tells her not to worry. Then we see that Alexis is at her house with a bottle of booze. Later Carly stops by and vents to Sam about her marriage. Carly's is afraid that Sonny doesn't want to save the relationship. Sam disagrees and says Carly is the only woman who really gets Sonny. After Carly decides to go see Sonny at his house. While there, Lucy shows up with Morgan's pills in her hand. 

At Liz's place, she shows Jason Jake's drawing with Franco standing by. Jason is worried that they shouldn't open old wounds. Franco jumps in and says Jake is a time bomb waiting to go off. Jason is reluctant to listen to Franco and thinks Franco is up to something. Jason also thinks maybe Jake should spend less time with Franco. After, Liz is angry with Jason's attitude. Franco thinks Jason will come around. However Liz says maybe they should postpone moving in together. Franco is clearly upset, but quietly leaves. Meanwhile Jason goes home and tells Sam he thinks something is wrong with Jake. 

Alexis can't stop thinking about Julian's letter at her house. Then Ava drops by before Alexis can take a drink. They end up talking. Ava is convinced that Julian is alive and she wants Alexis to help her. Ava ends up finding Alexis's booze and offers to take Alexis to a meeting. However Alexis doesn't want to hear it and takes a drink in front of her. Ava says she's no longer worth saving and walks out. Later Alexis is passed out on the couch. Someone starts rattling her door knob. She stumbles to answer and looks off put when she opens the door. 

End of show!

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Friday, March 24, 2017


No recap today. I'll see you next week!

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Coffee & Donuts

Here's What Happened - 

Sam and Jason spend some family time at home with baby Scout. Then they get a visit from Sonny with a stuffed bear for the baby. Sonny holds the baby and says he loves the new baby smell. Then Sonny and Jason briefly talk about Carly. Sonny gets sad and decides to leave. After Jason and Sam regale on how nice it is to be home with their kids. Danny comes down and they all cuddle on the couch together. At the end, Sam and Danny fall asleep. Next to them, Jason talks to baby Scout about her traumatic birth.

Hayden goes to see Finn and finds Roxy outside his room. When she opens the door, Hayden finds Finn having the shakes. Hayden decides to put Finn in the shower with his clothes on and she joins, also with her clothes on. After Finn still refuses to go to rehab. Instead he asks Hayden to tie him up to a chair until his withdrawals pass. At first Hayden refuses, but at the end, she goes along with the idea.

At The Metro Court, Tracy snaps at the waiter when he asks if she's alone. Ned sees she's upset so he sits down. Ned ends up telling Tracy that Olivia turned down his marriage proposal. Tracy gets worked up and can't believe that Olivia wouldn't want to join their family. Then NuLarry Ashton shows up. He tells Tracy he has an opportunity for her to make a lot of money and it's something Edward wanted for her. Tracy tells him to get lost, but she has a curious expression on her face. After Ned implores Tracy not to fall for anything his father has to offer. 

Liz goes home to find that Franco is ready to pamper her. He lights candles, gives her wine and has Liz soak her feet in a foot bath, which she loves. Then Liz asks how Franco's progress with Jake's art therapy is going. Franco shows her some drawings Jake made showing he doesn't remember much from his past. However there is a skull with an x drawn on the paper. Later Liz asks Franco to spend the night. They end up in bed together and after Liz asks Franco to move in with her. Franco answers yes. 

At the PCPD, Jordan tells Olivia that Rudge turned on her. Jordan is convinced that someone was helping Olivia over the years and says she's going to find out who. Olivia smirks and responds, "Soda town." Jordan gets pissed and walks out. After she chats with Curtis and thanks him for his help with Olivia's case. Then Sonny walks in and wants to talk to Olivia. Jordan allows it so Sonny walks into the interrogation room. Sonny tells Olivia that sooner or later he will have her killed. Olivia seems genuinely afraid.

Meanwhile Jordan and Curtis have donuts and coffee in the hallway. Jordan offers to help Curtis get his police badge back. She suggests that they discuss it over dinner. Curtis agrees. At the end, the officers from the Darkem or Darkham (I'm not sure) asylum come to collect Olivia. She begins to rant and screams that Sonny said he was going to kill her. Jordan and Curtis look on with pleasure. Curtis tells Sonny that he admires the impact he has on people. Sonny then walks out of the station looking pleased with himself. 

End of show!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Brit and Fiason Mention Today

Today's Show - 

Griffin goes to the courthouse to testify against Olivia. She thinks he can't stay away from her. Olivia also hints that she knows something about his mother. Then Nora walks in saying she's representing Olivia. Nora tells Griffin and his lawyer to keep their distance. Later the trial begins. Kevin has to testify first, then Griffin. The judge ultimately remand's Olivia to the "Darkem" facility. After Olivia makes an odd comment to Nora by saying, "say hi to your cowboy." Nora looks confused and walks out. Later we see Nora conspiring with Valentin about Olivia. She refers to Olivia as Valentin's associate.

Nell runs into Michael at Kelly's and tells him about her new job. Michael asks why she's staying in town. Nell says she wants to make amends. Meanwhile Kevin tells Laura outside that he thinks Andre's testimony in the custody case was right. Laura is upset at first, but then realizes he means well. Then Laura walks into Kelly's and sees Nell. In private, Laura asks Michael about Nell. Michael gives her the cliff notes version of Nell's history, but also notes he's no longer friends with her.

Lulu goes to Crimson and vents to Dillon about the custody decision. He thinks she should look at it as an opportunity to win over her daughter. Lulu doesn't agree with him and says there are "other" options. Dillon advises against doing anything rash. Later Lulu meets Laura at Kelly's. Laura tells her that Nell might be the answer to their problem.

Valentin tells Nina at The Metro Court that's he's done with Anna. Then Nora approaches them and asks Valentin to follow the court's orders and cooperative with Lulu. Nina and Valentin agree. Later Nina tells Valentin about hiring Nell. After Valentin speaks with Nell and warns her not to let anything happen to Charlotte or else.

Anna calls Dr. Obrecht over to help her with Valentin. Anna asks if Fiason knew anything about Valentin. Anna wants Dr. O to get a message to him. Obrecht gets upset by the idea and asks what's in it for her. Dr. O wants the charges dropped against Brit and Fiason. Anna says she can't do that so Obrecht walks out. After Griffin stops by to talk to Anna about Olivia bringing up his mother. Anna thinks they should focus on Valentin. Meanwhile at The Metro Court, Dr. O sees Nora talking to Valentin and makes a mysterious phone call.

End of show!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Good Old Days

Here's What Happened -

Scotty visits Olivia at the PCPD. She's happy to see him because they knew each other in the, "good old days." Scotty says she's belongs in jail. Later Dante tells Olivia he hopes she rots in hell. Meanwhile Anna visits Morgan's grave. Felicia shows up to visit Georgie's grave and they up chatting about their lost children as well as Olivia Jerome. After Anna goes to see Olivia. They talk about Olivia's whereabouts over the years. 

Then Olivia says the loss of Anna's baby and Morgan were just accidents. Olivia also says she was reincarnated by a doctor in China, which is why she thought she could bring Duke back. Olivia blames Anna for Duke dying, along with Julian. Anna thinks Olivia is done for now, but then Olivia pretends to know a secret about Anna.

Alexis reads Julian's letter at the coffee shop. We see Julian read it out loud (even though he's not really there) to Alexis. It basically says Olivia forced him to try to kill Alexis, because Olivia threatened their children. Later nice Olivia approaches Alexis. They talk about Julian and Alexis says she might have been wrong about him. Olivia reads Julian's letter and says she believes that Julian really loved her, despite his many flaws.

Sonny gets a visit from Ava who wants Sonny to acknowledge her innocence in Morgan's death. However Sonny wants to know what Ava did to feel guilty about regarding Morgan. Ava plays it off and quickly leaves. After Ava meets Scotty. She tells him that he has to get Morgan's pills back from Lucy. Meanwhile Dante goes to Sonny's and advises him to get out of the business. Sonny changes the subject to Valentin and says if Dante needs his "help" to let him know. 

Carly and Jason talk at the hospital about Sonny. Carly gets upset when Jason admits he's known about Nelle since December. Jason talks her down and advises her to go back to Sonny. Later Jason promises baby Scout that he'll always protect her. At the end, Carly knocks on Sonny's door.

End of show!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

When She Least Expects It

Wednesday's Recap - 

Sonny confronts Rudge on the bridge. He demands that Rudge tell him where Olivia is or he'll shoot him. Rudge says he doesn't know where Olivia went, but he realizes that he picked the wrong boss. Rudge does tell him that Olivia told him she had one last wrong to right. Meanwhile Jordan brings Ava to the PCPD for Dante to question about her encounter with Olivia. Then Alexis storms in and says she thinks Julian is dead. Alexis tells them what happened with Olivia and Julian on the bridge. Jordan and Dante leave to investigate. 

After Ava asks Alexis if she actually saw Olivia shoot Julian. Alexis answers no so they decide to go looking for Julian together. They head to the bridge and find Jordan and Dante pulling Rudge up from the base of the bridge. Jordan has him arrested, but not before Rudge tells Dante about his experience with Sonny. Later an officer finds a bloody jacket that Ava and Alexis identify as Julian's. Jordan tells them to accept that Julian is likely dead.  

At the Quartermaine's, Kiki comes to visit Dillon and catches him watching the Gilmore Girls on his computer. Dillon thinks she came over by surprise to end their relationship, but Kiki assures him that's not the case. Kiki then tells him about her undead aunt Olivia and Ava's innocence. Dillon hopes that Kiki can start focusing on them now. They end up making out right as Monica and Tracy walk in. Tracy is annoyed that Dillon didn't know about the bomb at the hospital. Dillon apologizes and takes Kiki upstairs. Tracy is shocked that Dillon would take Kiki upstairs in front of her and asks Monica why he doesn't have any shame. Monica snarks that they never did. 

Upstairs, Dillon and Kiki hit the sheets. Downstairs, Tracy hopes Dillon doesn't get Kiki pregnant. Then Monica excuses herself to visit with a special friend. Monica suggests that Tracy make a friend of her own. Before leaving, Monica gives Tracy a letter from Larry Ashton. In the letter, he says he has an important matter to discuss with Tracy. She decides to ignore it and rips it up. Meanwhile in his room, Dillon asks Kiki to spend the night.

Carly holds Olivia Jerome at gunpoint by Morgan's grave. Olivia begs for her life while crying that she's sorry. Carly gives a long speech about her broken heart and all the things Morgan will never get to do. Then they hear a gunshot and the sound of tires screeching. Olivia uses the distraction to run away. Carly chases her and fires at her. She grazes Olivia's face and prepares to a kill shot. Then Sonny comes running over and tells Carly to stop. Sonny says Olivia will die when she least expects it, but Carly's not a killer. Carly decides to give Sonny the gun. After Dante arrives and Sonny turns Olivia over to him to arrest. 

End of show!

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I Miss Us

Today's Recap - 

Lulu and Laura meet Kevin at The Floating Rib. Lulu wants Kevin to make an evaluation on Charlotte for the court. Kevin says he can't, because it's a conflict of interest. Laura asks if he could at least find out who is doing the evaluation and put in a good word for them. Kevin is reluctant, but assures Lulu and Laura that whoever the therapist is, they will do what's right for Charlotte. Once alone, Laura asks Kevin for his honest opinion on the hearing. Kevin answers that it could go either way.

Franco and Liz go back to her place and Jake sees them kissing. Liz explains that something happened at the hospital and shows him a picture of Sam's new baby. Jake responds by saying the baby doesn't look cursed. Liz and Franco assure Jake that the baby will be fine and curses aren't real. Jake gets a weird look on his face and seems to recount something Helena told him. Which was, "Never forget Jake, never tell." Franco takes Jake to bed and after he finds Liz looking at the book Helena left for Liz in her will. They review it together and decide to use art therapy as a method of getting Jake to remember his time with Helena. 

At the hospital, Andre comes to check on Jordan. He's concerned about Olivia nearly blowing Jordan and the hospital up. After Andre wants to talk about their failed relationship. He tells Jordan that he misses her and their relationship. Andre offers to be her friend, which Jordan appreciates. Then Curtis walks in. Jordan makes an excuse to leave. After Andre tells Curtis he doesn't like him. Curtis tells Andre he's not interested in Jordan romantically, but Andre doesn't believe it and calls him a player.

Curtis runs into Sonny at the hospital. Sonny asks for Curtis's help to track down Olivia. Curtis says he doesn't know much, but shows Sonny a picture of Rudge. Over at the bridge, Rudge approaches Olivia and says he couldn't find Alexis. Later Sonny runs into Rudge when he's alone on the bridge. Sonny pulls out his gun and demands that Rudge say Morgan's name. Then Sonny demands to know where Olivia is or he'll kill him. 

Ava cleans up after Carly smashed a glass at her apartment. Then she leaves a desperate message for Sonny asking to see Avery. Later Jordan knocks on the door. Ava tells her what happened when Olivia showed up and then called Julian away. Meanwhile Carly returns to Morgan's grave and says she wants revenge for his death. Then Olivia bumps into Carly at the graveyard. Carly immediately recognizes her and confronts her for killing Morgan. Olivia pulls a gun out so they end up struggling. Carly gets a hold of it and shoots Olivia in the arm. Carly then points the gun at Olivia, who apologizes for Morgan by saying it was just a terrible accident. Carly doesn't want to hear and says she really wants to kill her. 
End of show!

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Da Bomb

Here's What Happened - 

At the hospital, Dante and Jordan discuss Jason and Curtis being trapped with the bomb. Then Elizabeth walks over to them after staying behind to care for patients. Dante tells Liz about the bomb and Jason being trapped with it. Meanwhile in the hospital elevator, Curtis and Jason are relieved to see the bomb squad arrive. Jason wants Curtis to leave him, but Curtis say it's too late. With the help of the bomb squad directing him, Curtis tries to disarm the bomb. He cuts the wire right as the timer is almost at zero.

Sam panics about Jason outside the hospital. She asks Epiphany to take the baby somewhere safe. Then Franco shows up and tries to help Sam from running into the hospital to go after Jason. Sam lashes out at Franco and brings up their ugly past. Franco is worried about Liz. Sam says she'll be fine because Jason is in there. They hear an alarm going off. Sam panics, but then Jason comes walking out safe and sound. 

Sonny visits Morgan's grave to tell him the person who killed him will be brought to justice. Carly shows up with flowers for Morgan's headstone. Sonny asks if Carly can forgive him. She answers that she could forgive him for sleeping with Nelle, but not for him lying afterward. Carly thinks he let Nelle take advantage of their family. Sonny says he's sorry. Carly asks for him to leave her alone with Morgan. After Carly talks to Morgan. She tells him everything is a mess and she loves him. 

Jordan sees Curtis walking by the nurse's station. She thinks he took a big risk with the bomb. Curtis acts like it's all in a day's work. Then he insists Jordan get her head looked at. Curtis thinks it's good for her that he's looking out for her. In a nearby hospital room, Sam and Jason sit with baby Scout. Sonny walks in and ends up telling Jason about his problems with Carly. At the end, Sonny tells Jason and Sam they need to cherish every moment with their little girl. After Sonny makes a phone call to his people demanding they find Olivia.

At Ava's place, Ava and Julian receive a call from Olivia. She tells Julian she kidnapped Alexis and wants him to meet her at the bridge. Julian storms off with his gun ready. After Ava calls Carly and asks to see Avery. Carly comes storming over ready to rip Ava a new one. Ava is quick to tell her she was found innocent of all charges related to Morgan's car bomb. Ava shows Carly a picture of Olivia Jerome on her tablet. Carly says she wants to find Olivia before the police do so she can kill her. 

Hayden talks with Finn in the hospital break room as he suffers from withdrawals. She helps comfort him and brings him a barf bucket. Finn asks why she's sticking by him. Hayden answers that he never ran from her so she won't run from him. Then they hear that the hospital evacuation is over. Later Liz and Franco walk in. Liz tells Finn she'll keep his secret about being addicted to Zen Zen as long as he takes a leave of absence. Finn agrees to her terms. At the end, Finn tells Hayden he needs to fight his withdrawals alone. 

Alexis wakes up and finds herself handcuffed to the bridge. Olivia is standing over her and says she's going to use her to teach Julian a lesson. Later Julian shows up. Olivia puts a gun to his back and says she's going to make Julian kill Alexis in revenge for him killing Duke. Julian takes the gun, but shoots Alexis's handcuff, thus freeing her. Then he screams for Alexis to run. Alexis goes to run, but then hears another gun shot. When she turns around, Julian is gone and Olivia is looking down over the bridge. 

End of show!

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I'm Back

Wednesday's Recap - 

Nelle gets a visit from Carly at her apartment. Carly warns Nelle to stay away from her family. Nelle shows Carly the baby rattle she's been holding and says it was Carly's that Frank Benson kept, because he loved Carly so much. Carly says he only cared about her money. Convinced Carly is lying, Nelle shows Carly a bunch of letters that Frank had sent to Carly over the years. Nelle also shows Carly a mean letter she sent to Frank in response. Nelle thinks Carly used her for her kidney. Carly doesn't want to hear it and orders Nelle to leave town or else. 

Meanwhile Sonny goes to see Michael at ELQ to apologize for sleeping with Nelle. Michael says he loves Sonny, but thinks Sonny gave Nelle the chance to trash their family. Sonny warns Michael that Nelle is a user and says he hopes Michael won't let her back in. Back at Nelle's apartment, she decides to stay in Port Charles. 

Nina shows up at Charlotte's custody hearing and takes the stand. Laura hopes Nina will speak against Valentin. Nora and Valentin hope Nina will speak on his behalf. Nina ends up saying how she loves Charlotte and Valentin. After Nina tells Valentin that their marriage is worth fighting for. Diane approaches the judge and claims Valentin kidnapped his own daughter. Valentin is asked to take the stand. Diane argues that Valentin knew Lulu was Charlotte's mother and denied her access to her own daughter. The judge decides that the court will order a psychiatrist to learn what Charlotte wants. The judge also scolds Diane for accusing Valentin of kidnapping. Diane hopes the psychiatrist will work in Lulu's favor. 

Jordan tells Julian she can't find Olivia in the basement in his hospital room. Julian thinks Olivia might go after Griffin and insists that Olivia wants what's underneath the hospital. Jordan takes off to look again. Back in Julian's room, Rudge pays him a visit and attempts to kill him. They struggle, but then Felix walks in. Rudge runs off. Julian tells Felix to get Jordan back as soon as possible. Later Jordan puts the hospital on lock down. Felix notices Rudge in the hallway so Jordan goes after him. Jordan ends up finding a secret passageway in the basement, but then gets knocked out from behind. 

In the hospital basement lab, Olivia and Anna fight. Griffin pretends to be a reincarnated Duke in order to fool Olivia into his control. Olivia falls for it and sees the real Duke standing in front of her. He says, "I'm back!" He tells her they can run away together. He tells Anna to walk away. However, Olivia insists that Anna has to die. Griffin offers to kill Anna for Olivia and gets her to give him her gun. He quickly points the gun back at Olivia. Then Olivia has a bunch of flashbacks about her time with Duke in the 80's. After she realizes that Griffin tricked her so she attacks him. At the end, Olivia warns Anna that if she turns her in, she'll never tell her what she did to Robin. 

End of show!

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Monday, March 6, 2017

Just Like The Man I Loved

Today's Show - 

Valentin storms into Crimson and demands to know why Nina didn't come home last night. He tells her that Charlotte missed seeing her this morning. Nina says she's doesn't believe that Valentin is over Anna. He swears he doesn't care about Anna and asks if Nina will stand by him in court. Nina thinks it's better she doesn't show up, because she's feeling emotional. Later Nina calls Charlotte to apologize. Nina sings a song over the phone with Charlotte to make it up to her. At the end, Laura drops by with a proposition for Nina. 

Diane runs into Nora Buchanan at The Metro Court. Diane doesn't realize who Nora is and talks about going up against a tough lawyer from Llanview, PA in Lulu's custody case. However Nora knows who she is and says she loves Diane's book about Spinelli. Nora gets Diane to talk about how she plans to win Lulu's case. Laura and Lulu walk in. Diane finally asks for Nora's name. Then Valentin walks in and introduces Nora as his lawyer. Later Lulu learns that Valentin and Nina are having problems. Diane thinks it might help their case. Meanwhile Valentin talks to Nora in private nearby. Nora advises him to make a strong standing as a married man in court. 

Franco escorts Liz to work. He mentions that Jake thinks Sam is cursed. Franco worries that Jake might still be struggling with what happened to him on Cassadine Island. Liz looks concerned, but says Jake seems okay overall. Later Liz learns that Franco got a job as a parking attendant for the parking garage. Liz is proud of him. They kiss up against a car and hear someone moaning inside. They find Julian passed out in the trunk. 

Anna grabs her gun and prepares to leave the hospital. Dante walks in and asks what's going on with her. Anna is determined to go after Olivia Jerome. Later Griffin walks in just as Anna is telling Dante she wants to bait Olivia out of hiding. In private, Griffin tells Anna that she needs to stay in the hospital. Later they hear that Julian was brought into GH. Griffin checks on him, as does Anna. They talk about Olivia. Anna is thankful that Olivia doesn't know Griffin is Duke's son. At the end, Julian wakes up to find Anna standing over him demanding to know what Olivia is up to. 

Olivia wakes Robin up in the basement of the hospital. Robin is gagged and tied to a chair. Olivia tells Robin she's at the hospital to restore balance for Duke's death. Robin is confused. Olivia explains that she's expanded her consciousness and plans to resurrect Duke. She takes Robin into Helena's old lab, where she brought Stavros back to life. Robin says it's not possible to bring Duke back, despite Olivia having some of Duke's DNA. Olivia freaks out at first, but then she gets an idea. At the end, Olivia finds Griffin in the hospital elevator. She tells Griffin he's just as memorable as his father Duke, the man she loved.

End of show!

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

She Set Me Up

Today's Show - 

Tracy takes Finn and Hayden to The Metro Court to celebrate the hospital being saved. However Finn and Hayden can't get over their argument to get into the mood. Tracy tells them to knock it off and pours champagne. Hayden worries that Finn sold his soul along with his patent. Finn defends himself and says he made sure there was a rider option to make his drug available generically. In private, Hayden tells Tracy that Finn has a drug problem. Later Tracy wants to talk to Finn about his addiction. Finn says he's going to quit, but Tracy and Hayden don't think that's enough. 

Laura wakes up in the parking lot of JFK airport and can't remember how she got there. Kevin finds her and startles her. Laura tells Kevin she can't recall what happened to her. He suggests she try to retrace her steps. Laura says she feels dizzy. Kevin thinks she was drugged. Laura asks how he knew how to find her. Kevin answers that he got a text from her. 

Jason grabs Franco at GH while waiting for Sam to get out of surgery. Robin sees them and breaks it up. Franco walks off and after Jason explains to Robin what happened to Sam via Olivia Jerome. Liz comes over and tells Jason the baby is doing okay, but Sam is hemorrhaging. Later Jason leaves a message for Alexis telling her about Sam. Liz comes back over and tells Jason that Sam is critical. Robin advises Jason to pray. After Robin and Jason go to see the baby, Scout. 

Carly yells at Sonny in Nelle's apartment that he ruined things between them. Then Nelle and Michael show up. Carly starts grilling Nelle so Sonny confesses to Michael that he slept with Nelle. Sonny says that he thinks Nelle set him up by recording him. Nelle admits to her various wrong doings, but claims she was going to call, "it" off. Carly wants to know what, "it" is. Nelle cries and tells Michael that she's sorry. Carly starts to lay into Nelle so Nelle says the reason she's bad is because of Carly. 

Liz asks Franco at GH to check on the boys for her. He says yes and tells her he feels bad for Jason. Franco also tells Liz he's never been happier about his life since there relationship started. Later Franco talks to Jake about what happened to Sam and her baby. Jake says Helena's curse is coming for Sam. Meanwhile back at GH, Liz tells Jason he needs to go visit Sam as soon as possible. 

End of show!

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Jason to the Rescue

Here's What Happened - 

Liz and Franco wake up in bed and look forward to another round of love making. Then Monica calls and tells Liz to come to work, because the hospital has been saved. Later Franco and Liz go to the hospital and speak with Monica. Liz is immediately put back on the schedule, but Monica tells Franco they can't keep the art department open. Franco worries what the next step for him will be.

Alexis and Curtis show Jordan a picture of Olivia Jerome in her office. Alexis is worried about Sam. Curtis says Olivia is responsible for Morgan's death. Jordan tells Alexis to call Olivia, "as her sponsor," to find out where Sam is. Meanwhile Olivia threatens to kill Julian in her apartment. She rants and holds a knife to his throat, but then says she needs to take things in a new direction. Julian says he will help her go in whatever direction she wants. Then Olivia gets a call from Alexis asking for help to keep her from drinking, but Olivia refuses.

Nelle and Michael go to the hospital together. She cries that she did something terrible. Michael asks what, but then Monica interrupts. Monica thanks Michael for helping to save the hospital. After Michael asks Nelle what she did again. Nelle tells him a story about feeling guilty for ignoring a sick friend in Atlanta. She says she has to go back to Atlanta. Michael wants to go with her. Nelle thinks it's a good idea and they head to her place to pack. 

Sonny admits to Carly that he slept with Nelle in Nelle's apartment. Carly plays him Nelle's recording. Sonny listens and says Nelle set him up from the beginning. He thinks Nelle is playing the both of them. Carly doesn't care. She only wants to know how Sonny could do this to their marriage. He explains that he thought Carly had left him, he was depressed because of Morgan and got drunk. He insists that Nelle is trying to set them up. Sonny says he can't remember sleeping with her and only covered it up, because he didn't want to hurt Carly. At the end, Michael and Nelle return to find them there. 

Jason revives his baby girl at the base of the bridge, but then Sam passes out. Jason wakes Sam up, who starts crying. He shows her that the baby is okay. Sam is relieved, but insists that Jason save the baby and come back for her. Jason refuses to leave her. Sam says she's tired. Jason notices blood and says they have to go. Jason insists that Sam hold the baby so he can carry them both to safety. Sam ends up passing out again, but Jason manages to get her to the hospital. Sam is rushed into the ER.

End of show!

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