Friday, February 24, 2017

Sliding Down

Friday's Recap - 

Hayden leaves a message for Finn from the hospital. Meanwhile in his hotel room, Finn looks at his phone and realizes he has a lot of explaining to do. Later Hayden bangs on Finn's door. She storms in looking for his drugs. Finn admits that he's become dependent on Zen Zen, but downplays the seriousness. Hayden insists that he go to rehab or she's walking away. Finn says he loves her, but refuses to go to rehab. Hayden walks out on him. At the end, he shoots up again.  

Nina and Valentin meet at The Metro Court and notice Laura sitting across the room. Nina worries that Lulu might show up, but Valentin tells her not to worry about it. Then Dante approaches them and wants to talk about Anna. Valentin is confused. Nina tells him she called the police on Anna. Valentin gets frustrated. He tells Nina he loves her, but he doesn't want Anna arrested. Nina feels brushed off and tells him she's got some thinking to do. 

Rudge keeps an eye on Laura while she waits for Lulu at the Metro Court. Alexis walks up to Laura and asks to make amends. Alexis explains that she's in AA and says she's sorry for not being in good shape during Valentin's estate claim on Wyndermere. Laura tells her not to worry about it, because it's Valentin's fault. Later Lulu calls Laura to cancel. When Laura goes to leave, Rudge distracts her and puts something in her coffee. Laura takes a quick sip before heading off. After Laura gets light headed and passes out in her car. Rudge comes alone and gets instructed by Olivia to take Laura for a long drive. 

Lucy tells Tracy at the hospital that GH is going to die today. Lucy thinks Tracy's plan to save GH is doomed to fail, because nobody likes Tracy. Then she walks off. Tracy looks annoyed, but dismisses her. After Tracy sends a text to Laura asking where she is. Then Hayden walks in clearly stressed out from her encounter with Finn. 

At the hospital, Anna wakes up in her room and is happy to see Robin there. Meanwhile Olivia shows up at the hospital and finds out which room Anna is in. She decides to go into Anna's room with a knife. However Olivia hears Robin coming and takes off. She whispers to herself that she'll look forward to killing Anna later. Later Robin tells Anna that she's pregnant again. Then Valentin shows up to say he dropped the charges against her. He also says Anna owes him more than she knows. 

Olivia meets with Alexis at The Metro Court. Alexis notices a bruise on Olivia's cheek. Then she mentions that she wants to confide in Sam about things, but knows she's about to give birth. When Alexis isn't looking, Olivia slips Sam's phone in her purse. After Alexis tells Olivia about Julian leaving information for her in a safety deposit box. Olivia tells her she wants to join Alexis when she goes to investigate the box. 

Sam wakes up at the base of the bridge and is relived to feel her baby kick. She tries to climb up the side to get to the road, but ends up sliding back down. Meanwhile Jason and Curtis decide to take a look in Olivia's mausoleum. Curtis complains about it, but they eventually open her coffin. They find it empty. Later they go to The Metro Court. Curtis tells Jason never to ask him to rob a grave again. Jason thinks they have an advantage on Olivia Jerome now, being that they're the only ones who know she's not dead. After Jason runs into Alexis and asks if she's seen Sam. Then we see Sam freezing and struggling for consciousnesses at the base of the bridge. 

End of show!

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