Monday, February 27, 2017

Sam Can You Hear Me?

That's not your sponsor.
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Jason and Alexis discover Sam's phone in Alexis's purse at The Metro Court. They start to worry. Jason shows her an old picture of Olivia Jerome. Alexis notes that's her sponsor. Jason looks horrified and explains that her sponsor is really Julian's sister. Alexis can't believe it and they worry that Sam is in trouble. Alexis also realizes that Julian knew Olivia was tricking her and didn't say anything. She tries calling him and leaves a nasty message. Jason finds a picture on Sam's phone of the Asian medallion that was hanging from Olivia's rear view mirror and thinks he knows where Sam might be. 

Sam lays passed out and freezing at the base of the bridge. She starts to wake up and hears police sirens in the distance. Sam hopes they're coming for her, but has trouble staying awake. Later she realizes the sirens aren't for her. Sam wills herself to wake up, but starts to have labor pains and can't move. At the end, Jason comes looking for Sam at the bridge. He walks around and yells out, "Sam can you hear me?"

Finn goes to the hospital and interrupts Hayden's meeting with Tracy. Tracy excuses herself and meets up with Monica in the hallway. Tracy is worried about where Laura is, because it's almost time to vote. Later the meeting begins. Michael arrives and hopes Laura will show up before it's over. The board ends up dead locked in their vote and breaks. Dr. O says she can break the tie.

Olivia has Julian tied up in her apartment. She tells him that she sidetracked Laura so she couldn't vote at the hospital. Julian only wants to know what happened to Sam. Olivia says there was an accident and Sam fell off a bridge. Julian' can't believe Olivia would just leave Sam like that. Later Olivia learns that she won the hospital vote.

Finn goes to The Metro Court to meet with a representative about getting a patent for his formula. Finn is concerned that his formula will be used to help the rich get richer. The representative makes him a generous offer, but Finn flatly refuses and walks off. He returns to GH just in time for the board to finish their vote. Inside the board meeting, Dr. O votes against Tracy in favor of selling the hospital.

Nelle and Michael return to her apartment. She tells him that she wants to fix some things in her life and then spend more time with him. After Michael leaves, Nelle deletes her audio files on Sonny. Nelle notes to herself that she just has to destroy the recording she sent to Carly now. She goes to Carly's office and looks for the mail. She finds out that Bobby went through the mail. Nelle starts frantically looking through Carly's things. She ends up finding the envelope and hopes everything will be okay. 

Felicia meets Bobby for coffee to discuss Nelle. Felicia explains that she found out information on Nelle in Atlanta. Meanwhile, Carly and Sonny wake up in bed together feeling blissful. Carly tells Sonny she's moving back in with him. Sonny is happy to hear it. After he says he wants Griffin to renew their wedding vows. Later Sonny goes to the hospital to see Griffin. They end up talking about Nelle. Griffin thinks Sonny should come clean with Carly. 

Carly meets up with Bobby at the coffee shop. Bobby says Felicia found out from a friend of Nelle's in Atlanta that Nelle is having an affair with Sonny. Carly doesn't believe her and thinks Felicia misunderstood. Carly decides to go to Nelle's apartment and lets herself in. She looks on Nelle's computer and sees a message on the screen that says Sonny Audio file deleted. She ends up finding Nelle's flash drive in the garbage. Carly plays it and hears Sonny saying he slept with Nelle and Carly can never find out. 

End of show!

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