Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pull One Over On Julian

Today's Show - 

Nelle looks at her silver baby rattle at the park and says, "I hope I have the strength to finish the job for you." Michael sees her while he's jogging and asks what she's doing there. Nelle says it's the anniversary of her father's death. Later Michael asks about the man in Nelle's life and wonders if he's really married. Nelle says Carly just assumed that, but he's an older man and they have a casual arrangement. Michael is understanding and offers Nelle a ride to Sonny's house.

Bobby and Carly go to Sonny's place to sort through old photo albums for Jocelyn. They find the front door open. Inside Sonny is with an officer. Sonny tells Carly not to worry, he's just going to GH for a check up. Later Bobby and Carly are alone. Carly talks about her adoptive mother, Virginia, and adoptive father who left her when she was little. Bobby wonders what life would have been like if she raised Carly herself. They bond and tell each other they love each other. 

After Nelle and Michael arrive and see pictures of Carly's adoptive dad. Nelle seems upset and asks if Carly ever investigated her adoptive family. Carly says she doesn't give a damn about her adoptive dad. Then later when she's alone, Bobby finds Nelle teary eyed in the living room. She asks if Nelle is okay. Nelle ends up snapping at Bobby. Carly and Michael walk back in so Nelle makes an excuse to leave. Michael then tells them Nelle is upset about her family. In private, Bobby ends up calling a mysterious person asking them to find out about Nelle Haze. Meanwhile Nelle returns to the park and says Carly deserves everything that's coming to her. 

Julian goes to GH for his physical therapy. Sam sees him and tells Jason that Julian has arrived. Then Sam approaches Julian and asks why he drugged Jason. She sets Julian up to make him curious when Sonny arrives to see Jason. Julian eavesdrops and hears a staged conversation between Sam, Sonny and Jason where Jason tells Sonny he can't be part of his business. After Sonny says pulling one over on Julian is amazing to him. Later Griffin accuses Sonny of faking the need for a check up to do something nefarious. 

Nina storms into Anna's house demanding to know what Anna wants with Valentin. Anna tells her that Valentin is obsessed with her. Nina doesn't like Anna's comments. Then she sees the picture of "hunchback" Valentin on Anna's computer. She thinks Anna used him in the past and feels guilty now. Her words effect Anna and she cries. Nina leaves and after Anna resumes looking at Valentin's old WSB files. While looking at his file she's denied access. 

Meanwhile at The Floating Rib, Lulu tells Valentin that maybe they can hash out their custody issues without lawyers. She says she'll share joint custody with him, if Valentin agrees to family therapy. However Valentin says he's not interested in sharing custody anymore. Lulu gets upset and says the Spencer's always win wars with the Cassadine's. Nina walks in and Lulu leaves. After Nina tells Valentin about her visit with Anna and seeing his old face. Nina tells him that seeing his picture made her understand his strength and courage. She says she admires him. Back at Anna's house, the file on Valentin disappears before her eyes. 

End of show!

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