Thursday, February 23, 2017

Out Cold

You have everything and I have nothing!
Here's What Happened - 

Griffin approaches Hayden by the nurses' station and asks if she's okay. She tells him that she hasn't heard from Finn and she's getting worried. Griffin tells Hayden he thinks Finn has an addiction. Hayden gets concerned and decides to go looking for Finn. Meanwhile Finn goes to his hotel room with plenty of vile's of his drug. He injects himself and asks Roxie not to judge him. He tells her he's going to kick his habit. Finn shakes when trying to feed Roxie and thinks maybe he's built up a tolerance. He decides to inject himself again to combat it. Later Hayden comes knocking on Finn's door. He doesn't answer so Hayden walks away. However we see that Finn is passed out inside. 

Valentin finds Anna getting light headed in her hospital room. Anna pleads with him to tell her what happened between them in the past. Robin ends up walking in and gets upset at the sight of Valentin. Robin kicks Valentin out. Before leaving, Valentin tells Anna to get her answers elsewhere. After Robin asks Anna what's going on with Valentin. Anna assures her he's not a threat. Then Anna talks about wanting to check out of the hospital. Robin gets worried. Griffin walks in and advises Anna to spend the night. Griffin and Robin also think Anna needs to take time off of work. Anna hates the idea, but agrees. At the end, Robin thanks Griffin for helping her with Anna. 

Curtis tells Nina she's, "got it all," at The Metro Court bar. He congratulates her for getting married and becoming a step mom. Nina confides in Curtis that Anna is obsessed with Valentin. Curtis thinks maybe Valentin isn't telling her the whole story. Later Valentin shows up to meet Nina. She asks where he was. Valentin says he was with Anna. Nina asks if she should feel jealous. Valentin promises she doesn't. After Nina decides to report Anna to the police for breaking into Wyndermere. At the end, the police to go the hospital to arrest Anna. 

Jason and Robin run into each other at GH. She tells him that Anna has cancer. After Jason asks about Olivia Jerome. Robin tells him that Olivia was crazy and dangerous. She also says Olivia was obsessed with Duke and hated Anna. Later Jason tries calling Sam from the hospital, but gets her voicemail. After Jason goes to The Metro Court and tells Curtis he wants them to dig up Olivia Jerome's grave. 

Olivia pulls a gun on Sam at the bridge. She thinks Sam figured out who she is, but Sam plays dumb. Olivia officially introduces herself as Sam's aunt, Olivia. Sam realizes that Olivia is responsible for Morgan's death. Olivia starts losing it and yells that Sam has everything, a husband, a son and a baby on the way, and she has nothing. Olivia says she has nothing to live for without Duke. She blames Julian and says he has to suffer for his crimes. Sam tries to fight back and punches Olivia. In response, Olivia pushes Sam off the bridge and watches as Sam rolls down into a ditch. 

Meanwhile Julian worries about where Olivia is at The Floating Rib. Then he meets with an associate who explains to Julian that the Quartermaine's are trying to stop his bid to buy the hospital. Julian gets upset and insists that failure isn't an option. He implies that his associate will die if he doesn't acquire the hospital somehow. At the end, Julian calls Olivia and asks if she hurt Sam. He wants to speak to Sam. Olivia says she can't come to the phone because Sam is, "out cold!"

End of show!

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