Thursday, February 9, 2017

My Son Is Dead Because of You!

What the hell are you talking about?
Here's What Happened - 

Andre asks Hayden at GH if the hospital is going to lay people off. Hayden tells him yes, especially in the nursing department. Meanwhile Curtis and Jordan talk in her office. Jordan thanks Curtis for writing a note to Buzz that he could trust her. She tries to make nice with Curtis, but he's not interested in hearing it. Jordan explains that she fears they're attraction will ruin her relationship with Andre and asks if they can be friends. Curtis says she doesn't respect him so they're, "done!" Then he storms out as Andre walks in. In private, Jordan ends up telling Andre she kissed Curtis in Baltimore. 

Curtis goes to The Floating Rib and finds Hayden there. Curtis vents to Hayden about a woman he likes who wants to put him in the friend zone. Hayden says this woman will realize how spectacular he is sooner or later. Curtis replies that he's tired of wanting a woman who is in love with another man. Meanwhile back at Jordan's office, Andre tells Jordan it's over between them.

Sam goes to visit Alexis at her house and tells her about the concerns with her baby's heart. However Sam says everything is okay and she's more concerned with tonight. Then Molly and Kristina walk in with wine and want to toast to Alexis getting her law license back. Alexis has to tell them that she's an alcoholic. Molly is sympathetic, but Kristina gets upset. Alexis tells them that Julian actually helped her get into AA. Alexis assures them she's not getting back together Julian, but says she wanted to be honest with them. Kristina screams that she won't forgive Alexis, which makes Alexis burst into tears. Sam intervenes and suggests Molly, Kristina and her go pick out baby names somewhere else. 

Jason meets up with Julian at the hospital. Julian insists that Ava isn't involved in his business. Then Olivia walks off the elevator so Julian goes after her. Julian follows Olivia into the conference room. She ends up telling him that she's can't forgive him, because he killed Duke. Olivia says Duke is the only man she ever loved. Later Julian goes to The Floating Rib and overhears Sam, Molly and Kristina talking about Sam's baby. He looks upset. Meanwhile Olivia goes to Alexis's house and listens as Alexis vents about what happened with her girls. 

Carly finds Dante at Sonny's house. Dante shows her Sonny's removed ankle monitor and asks where he is. Carly sends a text to Jason so Jason comes over to Sonny's to see her. Dante says he came by to tell Sonny the charges are being dropped against him, unless Sonny does something violent to ruin it. Jason gets worried and asks Dante to let him find Sonny. Carly convinces Dante to let Jason go. Dante fears that Sonny is looking for revenge. Carly defends Sonny, because of what happened to Morgan. 

Sonny goes to see Ava at her art gallery. Ava thinks Sonny found out about her messing with Morgan's pills and says things weren't supposed to happen the way they happened. He accuses her of planting the bomb in Julian's car, but Ava doesn't know what he's talking about. Sonny says, "my son is dead because of you!" Ava tries to get a gun from her purse, but Sonny grabs it and points it at her. She begs for her life. Then Jason walks in and tells Sonny to put the gun down. 

End of show!

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