Monday, February 6, 2017

Lucas Sighting

Monday's Recap - 

Liz and Franco wake up together and talk about how great they feel. However Franco talks about his fears that the real world will ruin their relationship. Liz tries to assure him that they're strong enough to work through it. Then Aiden bursts in the room and asks if Liz and Franco are boyfriend and girlfriend. Liz tells him yes and Aiden takes in in stride. He reaction is a big relief for Liz. 

Dr. Finn struggles with withdrawal symptoms at GH. He debates talking some pills. Then he runs into Carly. Lucas and Bobby also join their conversation. Finn asks Carly how Sonny is doing and thinks about how Sonny got his meds in the past. Finn says that Sonny must be cooped up and offers to drop by for a visit. Later Finn pops some pills. Brad sees him and reminds Finn that he wants in on the patent for his drug or else. Lucas overhears and in private accuses Brad of blackmailing Finn. Brad claims he's just standing up to Finn for bossing everyone around. Meanwhile Finn takes more pills in the hallway. 

Hayden talks to Michael in the hospital conference room. She wants his help with the financial problems at GH. Brad walks in and thinks that GH is going down. Later Hayden lays out a plan for Michael to review to save the hospital. Carly happens to see them talking in the hallway and mentions to Finn that Hayden struts around the hospital like she owns the place. Then Hayden comes over and Carly realizes she and Finn are a couple. After Michael walks over and tells Carly that Hayden got him a seat on the board. Carly is pleased but warns Hayden not to hurt her son. At the end, Hayden and Michael decide they have to make personnel cuts at the hospital, especially in the nursing department. 

Nelle looks at her baby rattle in her apartment while listening to her recording of her conversation with Sonny. Then Felicia stops by to decorate her bedroom. Felicia tries to get Nelle to talk about her life as a means of understanding her style. Felicia brings up the flowers Nelle got and wonders what style her boyfriend would like. Nelle tries to avoid the conversation. Then Felicia finds some sexy lingerie of Nelle's when Nelle leaves the room. Later Carly calls Nelle into work so Felicia heads out. Felicia heads over to GH and tells Bobby she thinks Nelle has a secret about her boyfriend. Felicia says she found an expensive bra. Bobby thinks Nelle's boyfriend must have money. 

At Sonny's house, Jason shows up to see Sam before she goes leaves for the safe house. However she ends up changing her mind and says she's not going. Jason doesn't like the idea, but gets called away by Curtis. After Sam explains to Sonny how she's afraid for Jason. Sonny is understanding and offers to make her a western omelette. He also thanks Sam for her help when Morgan died. Sonny says she and Jason are family. Then they share a hug. Later Carly and Nelle show up to help with Morgan's foundation. Nelle's presence makes Sonny uncomfortable. At the end, Nelle goes to plant her fancy bra in Sonny's bedroom. 

Curtis follows Julian to a building in the Asian Quarter with the equipment Brick gave him. Inside, Julian demands to know what Olivia wants. She says she wants Julian to pay for trying to kill her. Julian thinks her end game is more involved and wonders why she's so interested in GH. Olivia claims it's a good business investment. Later she shows Julian that she's watching Lucas to keep him in line. Meanwhile in Curtis' s car, Jason shows up to hear Julian's conversation. However the loud music inside drowns out what they can hear. Curtis talks about wanting his old cop life back and hopes catching the mystery woman will help. Then they hear Julian says how he's tired of living in fear of his own sister. 

End of show!

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