Friday, February 10, 2017

Looking for Dr. Kelly Lee

Friday's Recap - 

At The Floating Rib, Epiphany, Bobby, Liz, Amy and a group of other unknown nurses have a pow wow about the upcoming lay offs. Dr. Finn hears them talking and walks over to find out what's going on. Bobby tells him they're thinking of choosing him for their "Hot Docs" calendar. Finn gets freaked and leaves. After the ladies continue talking and Epiphany suggests they strike. Liz doesn't think it's a good idea. Felix shows up and suggests they make nice with board, offer concessions and then win public support. He also suggests that Liz use her sister connection to butter up Hayden. 

At the hospital, Tracy helps Hayden prepare to lay people off. Hayden is nervous, but Tracy insists that she suck it up to save the hospital. Later Tracy sends Finn to talk to Hayden. Finn brings Hayden some food and she confides in him that she doesn't want to hurt anyone. He runs some practice drills with Hayden to get her prepared. Meanwhile Liz overhears their conversation. Liz returns to The Floating Rib and tells the other nurse's they need to strike after all. Back at GH, Hayden asks Nurse Amy to join her in the conference room.

Andre tells Jordan they need to break up in her office. She's taken aback and can't believe he'd give up on them just because of one kiss with Curtis. However Andre thinks he's not the man she wants and asks Jordan to admit it. She gets interrupted by a phone call. Andre decides to leave the key to her apartment and walks out. 

Anna approaches Felix at the hospital and asks him to refill her migraine medication. After Anna runs into Andre and wants to talk about Valentin. She's convinced she's forgetting about something related to Valentin from the past. Andre doesn't think he can help her right now, because he's going through something personal. 

Dante and Carly continue their chat about Sonny at Sonny's house. Dante is anxious to send the police after Sonny, but Carly stops him. She advises him to sit and wait to hear. Then Dante gets a call from work and leaves. Meanwhile Jason talks Sonny out of shooting Ava at her art gallery. He tells Sonny he's not sure that Ava was the woman talking to Julian on the recording. Jason also says Sonny will lose everything he has left if he kills Ava. Jason tells him that Dante is on the way. After Dante shows up. Jason and Ava are there, but Sonny is no where to be found. Ava jumps at the chance to tell Dante that Sonny was just there and held a gun to her. However Jason claims Ava is lying and then gives Dante a recording of Julian's conversation. Jason says it's Julian talking to Ava. Dante decides to take Ava to the police station. 

Jordan stops by Sonny's house to see him. Carly tries to tell her that Sonny was drinking and fell asleep, but then Sonny appears out of nowhere. Jordan tells him that she's dropping the charges against him and they're building a case on a new suspect. She also says they've deactivated his ankle bracelet. Jordan says she's sorry for their loss and that she'll do whatever she can to get the person responsible for killing Morgan. In private, Carly gets upset with Sonny for leaving. He says he didn't risk revenge because he loves her. Sonny asks if it's enough to make her happy. Carly says yes and they hug. 

Olivia gets Alexis to open up about her family at her house. Then Sam walks in. Olivia smooth talks her and asks Sam to talk with them for awhile. When Sam asks about Olivia's family, Olivia has a flashback of Anna threatening to kill her in the 80's. After Olivia asks Sam if her OB is any good as a reference for a friend. Sam tells her about Dr. Kelly. Then Olivia makes an excuse and leaves. Once alone. Sam tells Alexis that Olivia seems like a little too much. Sam offers to help listen if Alexis needs her. Meanwhile over at GH, Olivia goes looking for Dr. Kelly Lee.

End of show!

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