Thursday, February 16, 2017

It's Not Good

Thursday's Show - 

Liz and Franco enjoy breakfast together at her house. They start kissing when Epiphany and Felix walk in. Felix and Epiphany question Franco on what he knows about the hospital sick out. Franco offers to help them with their cause. They ask Franco to head to the hospital and spy for them. He agrees and takes off. In private, Felix and Epiphany want to know what's up with Liz and Franco. Liz tells them she's in love with him. Meanwhile Franco heads to GH and tells Hayden he understands her position. She's glad he understands and then fires him. 

Laura and Tracy discuss the "sick out" at GH. Laura tells Tracy she needs to step up and gives her a bed pan. Tracy is grossed out and walks away. Laura follows Tracy to The Floating Rib and scolds her for drinking when people are losing their jobs. Later Hayden walks in and Laura demands to know why they can't save jobs. Tracy says she's trying to keep the hospital open and tells Laura to butt out. Hayden decides to leave. Once alone, Laura tells Tracy the hospital is about the people who work there. Laura reminds Tracy about the hospital's history. Tracy gets emotional and says there might be another way to save GH.

Dillon and Kiki decide to take things to the next level at her apartment. We get a music montage to them undressing and then having sex. After they have pillow talk and admit they mean a lot to each other. Kiki says she's praying to the universe that things between them will stay the same forever. Dillon says he also wants them to last forever and they make love again. 

Nina thinks Valentin is coming into her hotel room when someone knocks on the door. To her surprise, it's Nathan. Nathan asks Nina to give Maxie a second chance. Nina explains that she blames Lulu for the trouble Valentin has been having and thinks Maxie violated that. Nathan says he'll have to take Maxie's side and hopes Nina will compromise. Then Maxie knocks on the door and assumes Nina is trying to turn Nathan against her. Nathan takes Maxie's aside to explain what was happening. Meanwhile Nina gets a text from Valentin saying he's at the hospital so she takes off. At the end, Maxie tells Nathan she's hopes Nina doesn't get hurt by Valentin. 

Valentin brings Anna to the hospital after she passes out. Griffin immediately assumes Valentin did something to Anna. However after looking over Anna and getting more details from Valentin, Griffin wonders if it had something to do with her migraine. Anna wakes up briefly so Griffin does a few tests. Later Valentin asks Griffin and Finn what's wrong with Anna. Griffin blows him off, but Finn tells him that Anna has a blood clot. Valentin returns to Anna's room. He holds her hand and speaks to her in Latin. At the end, Nina walks in and sees Valentin sitting at Anna's bedside. 

Hayden startles Finn awake while he's sleeping at the hospital. She knows something is off with him and asks what's going on. Before Finn can answer he gets called away. Later Finn tries to help Anna, but fumbles with her blood work. Griffin sees him and asks what's going on with him. Finn tries to avoid the question. Then they get Anna's test results. Finn takes a look at the tests and says to Griffin, "It's not good."

End of show!

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  1. Does anyone know the name of the song played on 2/16/17 during Kiki and Dillon's love scene? Lyrics start "You stand in front of me; right here in front of me, and I see for the first time, for the last time. I look into your eyes; deep down into your eyes, and I'm already falling; I'm falling into you. I'm falling deep into your heart. Into a place that's set apart. You're falling into me. You're falling deep into my heat. Into a place that's set apart. You're falling into me. You're falling into me. I'm already falling. You're already falling. I'm already falling. You're already falling...." PLEASE HELP!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!! :))


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