Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

Here's What Happened - 

Dante and Lulu meet Nathan and Maxie at The Metro Court for a Valentine's double date dinner. Lulu mentions Maxie's argument with Nina at Crimson. Maxie doesn't want to tell Lulu she lost her job. Later Lulu and Dante step aside to talk about their family court case with Diane on the phone. Back in the dining room, Nathan sees Nina and calls her over. He hopes Nina and Maxie can mend fences, but Nina refuses. After Maxie tells Lulu she got fired. Dante and Lulu decide to head home. Once alone, Nathan says he would move to New York with Maxie if she has to go there for work. Meanwhile Dante and Lulu go home and make love. Dante assures Lulu they can get through anything together. 

Curtis knocks on a female stranger's door and it's clear they have a past. It turns out their set for a Valentine's day date. She invites him in and wants to do some cocaine like "old" times. However Curtis says he's been clean for years. Meanwhile Andre runs into Jordan at The Floating Rib. Curtis ends up walking in and Andre assumes he's there to meet Jordan. Andre walks out and then Curtis's date walks in. Feeling uncomfortable, Jordan leaves too. 

Nina calls Valentin to tell him she's waiting for him in their hotel room for a Valentine's rendezvous. Meanwhile at Wyndermere, Charlotte doesn't want to go to the babysitter's. She says she's afraid her mother won't be able to see her there from heaven. Valentin manages to soothe her and they leave.

Kiki makes fun of Dillon's Valentine's day gifts for her at her place. She tells him they were supposed to go an "anti" Valentine's day party. He pretends to be mad, but quickly lets her know he was just joking. They agree they're both looking forward to spending the night together and kiss. Then Kiki gets a phone call and learns Ava was arrested for Morgan's murder. 

Scotty shows up at the PCPD to help Ava. He agrees it's unlikely that she tried to put a bomb in Julian's car. Scotty calls Julian for help, but he refuses to get involved. Later Kiki comes to see Ava and tells Ava if she finds out that Ava hurt Morgan she'll lose her. After Dillon takes Kiki home assures her that he understands the pain she's feeling. They end up kissing. Back at the PCPD, Scotty promises Ava he'll get her out on bail. Ava thinks she might be safer from Sonny in jail.

Anna tells Andre at The Metro Court that she still having migraines. Anna also says she remembers sanctioning Valentin's death back in the day. Later Anna sneaks into Wyndermere, but struggles with her migraine. Valentin ends up catching her snooping. Anna begs him to explain to her what happened in the past, but ends up passing out. Valentin seems genuinely concerned, picks Anna up and says he's taking her to the hospital. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

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