Friday, February 3, 2017

Friz Love

Here's What Happened - 

Felicia approaches Nelle at The Metro Court. They briefly chat about Maxie's wedding. Then Nelle receives flowers from an unknown someone. Felicia gives Nelle a gift certificate to the spa as a thank you for Nelle's help with Maxie's wedding. Felicia proceeds to ask Nelle some probing questions and warns Nelle to watch out for Bobby. Felicia also tells Nelle she's starting an interior design business and offers to decorate Nelle's place. Later Felicia meets up with Bobby and tells her that Nelle bought her act. Then Felicia says Nelle doesn't have a social media presence and might have a different name. 

At the Quartermaine's, Jocelyn wants to keep a picture of Michael from when he was a little boy. She says Nelle would probably like to see it too. Bobby tells Jocelyn to leave it alone, because Nelle has a boyfriend. Later Jocelyn and Michael go to The Metro Court to see Nelle. Jocelyn notices Nelle's flowers and sneaks a look at who sent them. Right then we get a flashback that Nelle sent herself flowers.

Jason and Sonny talk strategy at Sonny's house. They're anxious to find out who the mysterious woman who's been pulling Julian's strings is. Then Curtis walks in followed by Sonny's associate, Brick, shortly after. Brick shows them a watch that can pick up RF transmissions. He also shows them a special camera they can use to listen to people's conversations. Curtis and Brick briefly clash, but Sonny smooths things over between them.

Alexis comes home to find Julian and Olivia Jerome talking in her living room. Ironically it turns out that Olivia is Alexis' sponsor from AA. Julian is surprised. Then we get a flashback of when Alexis and Olivia first met. Alexis tells Julian that, "Liv" has be very helpful to her. In private, Julian accuses Olivia of using Alexis. Later when Julian is alone with Alexis, he suggests that maybe she doesn't need a sponsor. Then he offers to be her sponsor, but Alexis quickly rejects him. After we see that Julian is being followed by Curtis. Meanwhile Alexis chats with Olivia on the phone. Olivia tells her that they were meant to meet. 

Liz takes care of Franco at her place. He tells her that he loves her. He also says he wants to protect her from negativity others may throw her way about their budding relationship. Liz says she can handle it and admits that she loves him too. They end up making out, which leads to love making set to a music montage. 

End of show!

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