Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Today's Show - 

Julian visits Olivia to talk about the Buzz situation. Olivia admits that she's framing Ava to take the fall for Morgan's death. Julian isn't happy and doesn't think Buzz will be considered a viable witness. Olivia says she has ensured Ava's conviction. Later Julian offers to reunite with Olivia as family if she drops her vendetta. He also talks about how Olivia forced him to try and kill Alexis. 

Buzz comes to the PCPD and tells Jordan the voice on Jason's recording is the same voice that wanted to kill him. He identifies Ava as Morgan's killer. Meanwhile in the interrogation room, Dante makes Ava record her voice for comparison. Ava insists she's innocent. Then Jordan walks in and tells Ava she has a witness who identified her as the killer. Ava says someone is setting her up. Later Dante produces more evidence against Ava. 

Griffin interrupts some private time between Franco and Liz at her house. Griffin tells Liz the hospital is chaotic without the nurses and brings Franco some pain meds. Franco seems jealous when Griffin compliments Liz's excellent nursing skills. After Griffin leaves, Liz gets annoyed at Franco for his embarrassing jealousy. 

Finn and Hayden end up disagreeing at the hospital over the lack of nursing staff. Then Finn storms off. He struggles with withdrawal. He fumbles with his pills and drops them on the ground. Then Griffin walks by. Finn asks him for more drugs. Meanwhile Michael vents to Nelle at The Metro Court that he feels guilty about agreeing to the lay offs at GH. Then Michael returns to the hospital and learns from Hayden that the nurses went on, "sick out." Nearby Nurse Amy offers to work in spite of the strike. 

Sonny finds Nelle's bra on his bed and seethes, "Nelle, you bitch!" He hears Carly coming so he hides the bra in his pocket. Carly ends up talking up a storm, but it's clear Sonny is anxious for her leave. Once Carly finally leaves, Sonny heads over The Metro Court to confront Nelle. He warns her that if she messes with him again, it's over for her. Meanwhile Carly goes to GH and tells Michael that Ava is responsible for Morgan's death. Back at the Metro Court, Nelle listens to her recording of Sonny talking about the sex they had. 

End of show!

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