Monday, February 27, 2017

Sam Can You Hear Me?

That's not your sponsor.
Today's Show - 

Jason and Alexis discover Sam's phone in Alexis's purse at The Metro Court. They start to worry. Jason shows her an old picture of Olivia Jerome. Alexis notes that's her sponsor. Jason looks horrified and explains that her sponsor is really Julian's sister. Alexis can't believe it and they worry that Sam is in trouble. Alexis also realizes that Julian knew Olivia was tricking her and didn't say anything. She tries calling him and leaves a nasty message. Jason finds a picture on Sam's phone of the Asian medallion that was hanging from Olivia's rear view mirror and thinks he knows where Sam might be. 

Sam lays passed out and freezing at the base of the bridge. She starts to wake up and hears police sirens in the distance. Sam hopes they're coming for her, but has trouble staying awake. Later she realizes the sirens aren't for her. Sam wills herself to wake up, but starts to have labor pains and can't move. At the end, Jason comes looking for Sam at the bridge. He walks around and yells out, "Sam can you hear me?"

Finn goes to the hospital and interrupts Hayden's meeting with Tracy. Tracy excuses herself and meets up with Monica in the hallway. Tracy is worried about where Laura is, because it's almost time to vote. Later the meeting begins. Michael arrives and hopes Laura will show up before it's over. The board ends up dead locked in their vote and breaks. Dr. O says she can break the tie.

Olivia has Julian tied up in her apartment. She tells him that she sidetracked Laura so she couldn't vote at the hospital. Julian only wants to know what happened to Sam. Olivia says there was an accident and Sam fell off a bridge. Julian' can't believe Olivia would just leave Sam like that. Later Olivia learns that she won the hospital vote.

Finn goes to The Metro Court to meet with a representative about getting a patent for his formula. Finn is concerned that his formula will be used to help the rich get richer. The representative makes him a generous offer, but Finn flatly refuses and walks off. He returns to GH just in time for the board to finish their vote. Inside the board meeting, Dr. O votes against Tracy in favor of selling the hospital.

Nelle and Michael return to her apartment. She tells him that she wants to fix some things in her life and then spend more time with him. After Michael leaves, Nelle deletes her audio files on Sonny. Nelle notes to herself that she just has to destroy the recording she sent to Carly now. She goes to Carly's office and looks for the mail. She finds out that Bobby went through the mail. Nelle starts frantically looking through Carly's things. She ends up finding the envelope and hopes everything will be okay. 

Felicia meets Bobby for coffee to discuss Nelle. Felicia explains that she found out information on Nelle in Atlanta. Meanwhile, Carly and Sonny wake up in bed together feeling blissful. Carly tells Sonny she's moving back in with him. Sonny is happy to hear it. After he says he wants Griffin to renew their wedding vows. Later Sonny goes to the hospital to see Griffin. They end up talking about Nelle. Griffin thinks Sonny should come clean with Carly. 

Carly meets up with Bobby at the coffee shop. Bobby says Felicia found out from a friend of Nelle's in Atlanta that Nelle is having an affair with Sonny. Carly doesn't believe her and thinks Felicia misunderstood. Carly decides to go to Nelle's apartment and lets herself in. She looks on Nelle's computer and sees a message on the screen that says Sonny Audio file deleted. She ends up finding Nelle's flash drive in the garbage. Carly plays it and hears Sonny saying he slept with Nelle and Carly can never find out. 

End of show!

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Sliding Down

Friday's Recap - 

Hayden leaves a message for Finn from the hospital. Meanwhile in his hotel room, Finn looks at his phone and realizes he has a lot of explaining to do. Later Hayden bangs on Finn's door. She storms in looking for his drugs. Finn admits that he's become dependent on Zen Zen, but downplays the seriousness. Hayden insists that he go to rehab or she's walking away. Finn says he loves her, but refuses to go to rehab. Hayden walks out on him. At the end, he shoots up again.  

Nina and Valentin meet at The Metro Court and notice Laura sitting across the room. Nina worries that Lulu might show up, but Valentin tells her not to worry about it. Then Dante approaches them and wants to talk about Anna. Valentin is confused. Nina tells him she called the police on Anna. Valentin gets frustrated. He tells Nina he loves her, but he doesn't want Anna arrested. Nina feels brushed off and tells him she's got some thinking to do. 

Rudge keeps an eye on Laura while she waits for Lulu at the Metro Court. Alexis walks up to Laura and asks to make amends. Alexis explains that she's in AA and says she's sorry for not being in good shape during Valentin's estate claim on Wyndermere. Laura tells her not to worry about it, because it's Valentin's fault. Later Lulu calls Laura to cancel. When Laura goes to leave, Rudge distracts her and puts something in her coffee. Laura takes a quick sip before heading off. After Laura gets light headed and passes out in her car. Rudge comes alone and gets instructed by Olivia to take Laura for a long drive. 

Lucy tells Tracy at the hospital that GH is going to die today. Lucy thinks Tracy's plan to save GH is doomed to fail, because nobody likes Tracy. Then she walks off. Tracy looks annoyed, but dismisses her. After Tracy sends a text to Laura asking where she is. Then Hayden walks in clearly stressed out from her encounter with Finn. 

At the hospital, Anna wakes up in her room and is happy to see Robin there. Meanwhile Olivia shows up at the hospital and finds out which room Anna is in. She decides to go into Anna's room with a knife. However Olivia hears Robin coming and takes off. She whispers to herself that she'll look forward to killing Anna later. Later Robin tells Anna that she's pregnant again. Then Valentin shows up to say he dropped the charges against her. He also says Anna owes him more than she knows. 

Olivia meets with Alexis at The Metro Court. Alexis notices a bruise on Olivia's cheek. Then she mentions that she wants to confide in Sam about things, but knows she's about to give birth. When Alexis isn't looking, Olivia slips Sam's phone in her purse. After Alexis tells Olivia about Julian leaving information for her in a safety deposit box. Olivia tells her she wants to join Alexis when she goes to investigate the box. 

Sam wakes up at the base of the bridge and is relived to feel her baby kick. She tries to climb up the side to get to the road, but ends up sliding back down. Meanwhile Jason and Curtis decide to take a look in Olivia's mausoleum. Curtis complains about it, but they eventually open her coffin. They find it empty. Later they go to The Metro Court. Curtis tells Jason never to ask him to rob a grave again. Jason thinks they have an advantage on Olivia Jerome now, being that they're the only ones who know she's not dead. After Jason runs into Alexis and asks if she's seen Sam. Then we see Sam freezing and struggling for consciousnesses at the base of the bridge. 

End of show!

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Out Cold

You have everything and I have nothing!
Here's What Happened - 

Griffin approaches Hayden by the nurses' station and asks if she's okay. She tells him that she hasn't heard from Finn and she's getting worried. Griffin tells Hayden he thinks Finn has an addiction. Hayden gets concerned and decides to go looking for Finn. Meanwhile Finn goes to his hotel room with plenty of vile's of his drug. He injects himself and asks Roxie not to judge him. He tells her he's going to kick his habit. Finn shakes when trying to feed Roxie and thinks maybe he's built up a tolerance. He decides to inject himself again to combat it. Later Hayden comes knocking on Finn's door. He doesn't answer so Hayden walks away. However we see that Finn is passed out inside. 

Valentin finds Anna getting light headed in her hospital room. Anna pleads with him to tell her what happened between them in the past. Robin ends up walking in and gets upset at the sight of Valentin. Robin kicks Valentin out. Before leaving, Valentin tells Anna to get her answers elsewhere. After Robin asks Anna what's going on with Valentin. Anna assures her he's not a threat. Then Anna talks about wanting to check out of the hospital. Robin gets worried. Griffin walks in and advises Anna to spend the night. Griffin and Robin also think Anna needs to take time off of work. Anna hates the idea, but agrees. At the end, Robin thanks Griffin for helping her with Anna. 

Curtis tells Nina she's, "got it all," at The Metro Court bar. He congratulates her for getting married and becoming a step mom. Nina confides in Curtis that Anna is obsessed with Valentin. Curtis thinks maybe Valentin isn't telling her the whole story. Later Valentin shows up to meet Nina. She asks where he was. Valentin says he was with Anna. Nina asks if she should feel jealous. Valentin promises she doesn't. After Nina decides to report Anna to the police for breaking into Wyndermere. At the end, the police to go the hospital to arrest Anna. 

Jason and Robin run into each other at GH. She tells him that Anna has cancer. After Jason asks about Olivia Jerome. Robin tells him that Olivia was crazy and dangerous. She also says Olivia was obsessed with Duke and hated Anna. Later Jason tries calling Sam from the hospital, but gets her voicemail. After Jason goes to The Metro Court and tells Curtis he wants them to dig up Olivia Jerome's grave. 

Olivia pulls a gun on Sam at the bridge. She thinks Sam figured out who she is, but Sam plays dumb. Olivia officially introduces herself as Sam's aunt, Olivia. Sam realizes that Olivia is responsible for Morgan's death. Olivia starts losing it and yells that Sam has everything, a husband, a son and a baby on the way, and she has nothing. Olivia says she has nothing to live for without Duke. She blames Julian and says he has to suffer for his crimes. Sam tries to fight back and punches Olivia. In response, Olivia pushes Sam off the bridge and watches as Sam rolls down into a ditch. 

Meanwhile Julian worries about where Olivia is at The Floating Rib. Then he meets with an associate who explains to Julian that the Quartermaine's are trying to stop his bid to buy the hospital. Julian gets upset and insists that failure isn't an option. He implies that his associate will die if he doesn't acquire the hospital somehow. At the end, Julian calls Olivia and asks if she hurt Sam. He wants to speak to Sam. Olivia says she can't come to the phone because Sam is, "out cold!"

End of show!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Technical Difficulties

I'm so sorry, but GH didn't record on my DVR today. I'll be back to recapping tomorrow. 

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Friday, February 17, 2017

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

It's Not Good

Thursday's Show - 

Liz and Franco enjoy breakfast together at her house. They start kissing when Epiphany and Felix walk in. Felix and Epiphany question Franco on what he knows about the hospital sick out. Franco offers to help them with their cause. They ask Franco to head to the hospital and spy for them. He agrees and takes off. In private, Felix and Epiphany want to know what's up with Liz and Franco. Liz tells them she's in love with him. Meanwhile Franco heads to GH and tells Hayden he understands her position. She's glad he understands and then fires him. 

Laura and Tracy discuss the "sick out" at GH. Laura tells Tracy she needs to step up and gives her a bed pan. Tracy is grossed out and walks away. Laura follows Tracy to The Floating Rib and scolds her for drinking when people are losing their jobs. Later Hayden walks in and Laura demands to know why they can't save jobs. Tracy says she's trying to keep the hospital open and tells Laura to butt out. Hayden decides to leave. Once alone, Laura tells Tracy the hospital is about the people who work there. Laura reminds Tracy about the hospital's history. Tracy gets emotional and says there might be another way to save GH.

Dillon and Kiki decide to take things to the next level at her apartment. We get a music montage to them undressing and then having sex. After they have pillow talk and admit they mean a lot to each other. Kiki says she's praying to the universe that things between them will stay the same forever. Dillon says he also wants them to last forever and they make love again. 

Nina thinks Valentin is coming into her hotel room when someone knocks on the door. To her surprise, it's Nathan. Nathan asks Nina to give Maxie a second chance. Nina explains that she blames Lulu for the trouble Valentin has been having and thinks Maxie violated that. Nathan says he'll have to take Maxie's side and hopes Nina will compromise. Then Maxie knocks on the door and assumes Nina is trying to turn Nathan against her. Nathan takes Maxie's aside to explain what was happening. Meanwhile Nina gets a text from Valentin saying he's at the hospital so she takes off. At the end, Maxie tells Nathan she's hopes Nina doesn't get hurt by Valentin. 

Valentin brings Anna to the hospital after she passes out. Griffin immediately assumes Valentin did something to Anna. However after looking over Anna and getting more details from Valentin, Griffin wonders if it had something to do with her migraine. Anna wakes up briefly so Griffin does a few tests. Later Valentin asks Griffin and Finn what's wrong with Anna. Griffin blows him off, but Finn tells him that Anna has a blood clot. Valentin returns to Anna's room. He holds her hand and speaks to her in Latin. At the end, Nina walks in and sees Valentin sitting at Anna's bedside. 

Hayden startles Finn awake while he's sleeping at the hospital. She knows something is off with him and asks what's going on. Before Finn can answer he gets called away. Later Finn tries to help Anna, but fumbles with her blood work. Griffin sees him and asks what's going on with him. Finn tries to avoid the question. Then they get Anna's test results. Finn takes a look at the tests and says to Griffin, "It's not good."

End of show!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

Here's What Happened - 

Dante and Lulu meet Nathan and Maxie at The Metro Court for a Valentine's double date dinner. Lulu mentions Maxie's argument with Nina at Crimson. Maxie doesn't want to tell Lulu she lost her job. Later Lulu and Dante step aside to talk about their family court case with Diane on the phone. Back in the dining room, Nathan sees Nina and calls her over. He hopes Nina and Maxie can mend fences, but Nina refuses. After Maxie tells Lulu she got fired. Dante and Lulu decide to head home. Once alone, Nathan says he would move to New York with Maxie if she has to go there for work. Meanwhile Dante and Lulu go home and make love. Dante assures Lulu they can get through anything together. 

Curtis knocks on a female stranger's door and it's clear they have a past. It turns out their set for a Valentine's day date. She invites him in and wants to do some cocaine like "old" times. However Curtis says he's been clean for years. Meanwhile Andre runs into Jordan at The Floating Rib. Curtis ends up walking in and Andre assumes he's there to meet Jordan. Andre walks out and then Curtis's date walks in. Feeling uncomfortable, Jordan leaves too. 

Nina calls Valentin to tell him she's waiting for him in their hotel room for a Valentine's rendezvous. Meanwhile at Wyndermere, Charlotte doesn't want to go to the babysitter's. She says she's afraid her mother won't be able to see her there from heaven. Valentin manages to soothe her and they leave.

Kiki makes fun of Dillon's Valentine's day gifts for her at her place. She tells him they were supposed to go an "anti" Valentine's day party. He pretends to be mad, but quickly lets her know he was just joking. They agree they're both looking forward to spending the night together and kiss. Then Kiki gets a phone call and learns Ava was arrested for Morgan's murder. 

Scotty shows up at the PCPD to help Ava. He agrees it's unlikely that she tried to put a bomb in Julian's car. Scotty calls Julian for help, but he refuses to get involved. Later Kiki comes to see Ava and tells Ava if she finds out that Ava hurt Morgan she'll lose her. After Dillon takes Kiki home assures her that he understands the pain she's feeling. They end up kissing. Back at the PCPD, Scotty promises Ava he'll get her out on bail. Ava thinks she might be safer from Sonny in jail.

Anna tells Andre at The Metro Court that she still having migraines. Anna also says she remembers sanctioning Valentin's death back in the day. Later Anna sneaks into Wyndermere, but struggles with her migraine. Valentin ends up catching her snooping. Anna begs him to explain to her what happened in the past, but ends up passing out. Valentin seems genuinely concerned, picks Anna up and says he's taking her to the hospital. 

End of show!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Today's Show - 

Julian visits Olivia to talk about the Buzz situation. Olivia admits that she's framing Ava to take the fall for Morgan's death. Julian isn't happy and doesn't think Buzz will be considered a viable witness. Olivia says she has ensured Ava's conviction. Later Julian offers to reunite with Olivia as family if she drops her vendetta. He also talks about how Olivia forced him to try and kill Alexis. 

Buzz comes to the PCPD and tells Jordan the voice on Jason's recording is the same voice that wanted to kill him. He identifies Ava as Morgan's killer. Meanwhile in the interrogation room, Dante makes Ava record her voice for comparison. Ava insists she's innocent. Then Jordan walks in and tells Ava she has a witness who identified her as the killer. Ava says someone is setting her up. Later Dante produces more evidence against Ava. 

Griffin interrupts some private time between Franco and Liz at her house. Griffin tells Liz the hospital is chaotic without the nurses and brings Franco some pain meds. Franco seems jealous when Griffin compliments Liz's excellent nursing skills. After Griffin leaves, Liz gets annoyed at Franco for his embarrassing jealousy. 

Finn and Hayden end up disagreeing at the hospital over the lack of nursing staff. Then Finn storms off. He struggles with withdrawal. He fumbles with his pills and drops them on the ground. Then Griffin walks by. Finn asks him for more drugs. Meanwhile Michael vents to Nelle at The Metro Court that he feels guilty about agreeing to the lay offs at GH. Then Michael returns to the hospital and learns from Hayden that the nurses went on, "sick out." Nearby Nurse Amy offers to work in spite of the strike. 

Sonny finds Nelle's bra on his bed and seethes, "Nelle, you bitch!" He hears Carly coming so he hides the bra in his pocket. Carly ends up talking up a storm, but it's clear Sonny is anxious for her leave. Once Carly finally leaves, Sonny heads over The Metro Court to confront Nelle. He warns her that if she messes with him again, it's over for her. Meanwhile Carly goes to GH and tells Michael that Ava is responsible for Morgan's death. Back at the Metro Court, Nelle listens to her recording of Sonny talking about the sex they had. 

End of show!

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Friday, February 10, 2017

Looking for Dr. Kelly Lee

Friday's Recap - 

At The Floating Rib, Epiphany, Bobby, Liz, Amy and a group of other unknown nurses have a pow wow about the upcoming lay offs. Dr. Finn hears them talking and walks over to find out what's going on. Bobby tells him they're thinking of choosing him for their "Hot Docs" calendar. Finn gets freaked and leaves. After the ladies continue talking and Epiphany suggests they strike. Liz doesn't think it's a good idea. Felix shows up and suggests they make nice with board, offer concessions and then win public support. He also suggests that Liz use her sister connection to butter up Hayden. 

At the hospital, Tracy helps Hayden prepare to lay people off. Hayden is nervous, but Tracy insists that she suck it up to save the hospital. Later Tracy sends Finn to talk to Hayden. Finn brings Hayden some food and she confides in him that she doesn't want to hurt anyone. He runs some practice drills with Hayden to get her prepared. Meanwhile Liz overhears their conversation. Liz returns to The Floating Rib and tells the other nurse's they need to strike after all. Back at GH, Hayden asks Nurse Amy to join her in the conference room.

Andre tells Jordan they need to break up in her office. She's taken aback and can't believe he'd give up on them just because of one kiss with Curtis. However Andre thinks he's not the man she wants and asks Jordan to admit it. She gets interrupted by a phone call. Andre decides to leave the key to her apartment and walks out. 

Anna approaches Felix at the hospital and asks him to refill her migraine medication. After Anna runs into Andre and wants to talk about Valentin. She's convinced she's forgetting about something related to Valentin from the past. Andre doesn't think he can help her right now, because he's going through something personal. 

Dante and Carly continue their chat about Sonny at Sonny's house. Dante is anxious to send the police after Sonny, but Carly stops him. She advises him to sit and wait to hear. Then Dante gets a call from work and leaves. Meanwhile Jason talks Sonny out of shooting Ava at her art gallery. He tells Sonny he's not sure that Ava was the woman talking to Julian on the recording. Jason also says Sonny will lose everything he has left if he kills Ava. Jason tells him that Dante is on the way. After Dante shows up. Jason and Ava are there, but Sonny is no where to be found. Ava jumps at the chance to tell Dante that Sonny was just there and held a gun to her. However Jason claims Ava is lying and then gives Dante a recording of Julian's conversation. Jason says it's Julian talking to Ava. Dante decides to take Ava to the police station. 

Jordan stops by Sonny's house to see him. Carly tries to tell her that Sonny was drinking and fell asleep, but then Sonny appears out of nowhere. Jordan tells him that she's dropping the charges against him and they're building a case on a new suspect. She also says they've deactivated his ankle bracelet. Jordan says she's sorry for their loss and that she'll do whatever she can to get the person responsible for killing Morgan. In private, Carly gets upset with Sonny for leaving. He says he didn't risk revenge because he loves her. Sonny asks if it's enough to make her happy. Carly says yes and they hug. 

Olivia gets Alexis to open up about her family at her house. Then Sam walks in. Olivia smooth talks her and asks Sam to talk with them for awhile. When Sam asks about Olivia's family, Olivia has a flashback of Anna threatening to kill her in the 80's. After Olivia asks Sam if her OB is any good as a reference for a friend. Sam tells her about Dr. Kelly. Then Olivia makes an excuse and leaves. Once alone. Sam tells Alexis that Olivia seems like a little too much. Sam offers to help listen if Alexis needs her. Meanwhile over at GH, Olivia goes looking for Dr. Kelly Lee.

End of show!

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

My Son Is Dead Because of You!

What the hell are you talking about?
Here's What Happened - 

Andre asks Hayden at GH if the hospital is going to lay people off. Hayden tells him yes, especially in the nursing department. Meanwhile Curtis and Jordan talk in her office. Jordan thanks Curtis for writing a note to Buzz that he could trust her. She tries to make nice with Curtis, but he's not interested in hearing it. Jordan explains that she fears they're attraction will ruin her relationship with Andre and asks if they can be friends. Curtis says she doesn't respect him so they're, "done!" Then he storms out as Andre walks in. In private, Jordan ends up telling Andre she kissed Curtis in Baltimore. 

Curtis goes to The Floating Rib and finds Hayden there. Curtis vents to Hayden about a woman he likes who wants to put him in the friend zone. Hayden says this woman will realize how spectacular he is sooner or later. Curtis replies that he's tired of wanting a woman who is in love with another man. Meanwhile back at Jordan's office, Andre tells Jordan it's over between them.

Sam goes to visit Alexis at her house and tells her about the concerns with her baby's heart. However Sam says everything is okay and she's more concerned with tonight. Then Molly and Kristina walk in with wine and want to toast to Alexis getting her law license back. Alexis has to tell them that she's an alcoholic. Molly is sympathetic, but Kristina gets upset. Alexis tells them that Julian actually helped her get into AA. Alexis assures them she's not getting back together Julian, but says she wanted to be honest with them. Kristina screams that she won't forgive Alexis, which makes Alexis burst into tears. Sam intervenes and suggests Molly, Kristina and her go pick out baby names somewhere else. 

Jason meets up with Julian at the hospital. Julian insists that Ava isn't involved in his business. Then Olivia walks off the elevator so Julian goes after her. Julian follows Olivia into the conference room. She ends up telling him that she's can't forgive him, because he killed Duke. Olivia says Duke is the only man she ever loved. Later Julian goes to The Floating Rib and overhears Sam, Molly and Kristina talking about Sam's baby. He looks upset. Meanwhile Olivia goes to Alexis's house and listens as Alexis vents about what happened with her girls. 

Carly finds Dante at Sonny's house. Dante shows her Sonny's removed ankle monitor and asks where he is. Carly sends a text to Jason so Jason comes over to Sonny's to see her. Dante says he came by to tell Sonny the charges are being dropped against him, unless Sonny does something violent to ruin it. Jason gets worried and asks Dante to let him find Sonny. Carly convinces Dante to let Jason go. Dante fears that Sonny is looking for revenge. Carly defends Sonny, because of what happened to Morgan. 

Sonny goes to see Ava at her art gallery. Ava thinks Sonny found out about her messing with Morgan's pills and says things weren't supposed to happen the way they happened. He accuses her of planting the bomb in Julian's car, but Ava doesn't know what he's talking about. Sonny says, "my son is dead because of you!" Ava tries to get a gun from her purse, but Sonny grabs it and points it at her. She begs for her life. Then Jason walks in and tells Sonny to put the gun down. 

End of show!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Monday, February 6, 2017

Lucas Sighting

Monday's Recap - 

Liz and Franco wake up together and talk about how great they feel. However Franco talks about his fears that the real world will ruin their relationship. Liz tries to assure him that they're strong enough to work through it. Then Aiden bursts in the room and asks if Liz and Franco are boyfriend and girlfriend. Liz tells him yes and Aiden takes in in stride. He reaction is a big relief for Liz. 

Dr. Finn struggles with withdrawal symptoms at GH. He debates talking some pills. Then he runs into Carly. Lucas and Bobby also join their conversation. Finn asks Carly how Sonny is doing and thinks about how Sonny got his meds in the past. Finn says that Sonny must be cooped up and offers to drop by for a visit. Later Finn pops some pills. Brad sees him and reminds Finn that he wants in on the patent for his drug or else. Lucas overhears and in private accuses Brad of blackmailing Finn. Brad claims he's just standing up to Finn for bossing everyone around. Meanwhile Finn takes more pills in the hallway. 

Hayden talks to Michael in the hospital conference room. She wants his help with the financial problems at GH. Brad walks in and thinks that GH is going down. Later Hayden lays out a plan for Michael to review to save the hospital. Carly happens to see them talking in the hallway and mentions to Finn that Hayden struts around the hospital like she owns the place. Then Hayden comes over and Carly realizes she and Finn are a couple. After Michael walks over and tells Carly that Hayden got him a seat on the board. Carly is pleased but warns Hayden not to hurt her son. At the end, Hayden and Michael decide they have to make personnel cuts at the hospital, especially in the nursing department. 

Nelle looks at her baby rattle in her apartment while listening to her recording of her conversation with Sonny. Then Felicia stops by to decorate her bedroom. Felicia tries to get Nelle to talk about her life as a means of understanding her style. Felicia brings up the flowers Nelle got and wonders what style her boyfriend would like. Nelle tries to avoid the conversation. Then Felicia finds some sexy lingerie of Nelle's when Nelle leaves the room. Later Carly calls Nelle into work so Felicia heads out. Felicia heads over to GH and tells Bobby she thinks Nelle has a secret about her boyfriend. Felicia says she found an expensive bra. Bobby thinks Nelle's boyfriend must have money. 

At Sonny's house, Jason shows up to see Sam before she goes leaves for the safe house. However she ends up changing her mind and says she's not going. Jason doesn't like the idea, but gets called away by Curtis. After Sam explains to Sonny how she's afraid for Jason. Sonny is understanding and offers to make her a western omelette. He also thanks Sam for her help when Morgan died. Sonny says she and Jason are family. Then they share a hug. Later Carly and Nelle show up to help with Morgan's foundation. Nelle's presence makes Sonny uncomfortable. At the end, Nelle goes to plant her fancy bra in Sonny's bedroom. 

Curtis follows Julian to a building in the Asian Quarter with the equipment Brick gave him. Inside, Julian demands to know what Olivia wants. She says she wants Julian to pay for trying to kill her. Julian thinks her end game is more involved and wonders why she's so interested in GH. Olivia claims it's a good business investment. Later she shows Julian that she's watching Lucas to keep him in line. Meanwhile in Curtis' s car, Jason shows up to hear Julian's conversation. However the loud music inside drowns out what they can hear. Curtis talks about wanting his old cop life back and hopes catching the mystery woman will help. Then they hear Julian says how he's tired of living in fear of his own sister. 

End of show!

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Friz Love

Here's What Happened - 

Felicia approaches Nelle at The Metro Court. They briefly chat about Maxie's wedding. Then Nelle receives flowers from an unknown someone. Felicia gives Nelle a gift certificate to the spa as a thank you for Nelle's help with Maxie's wedding. Felicia proceeds to ask Nelle some probing questions and warns Nelle to watch out for Bobby. Felicia also tells Nelle she's starting an interior design business and offers to decorate Nelle's place. Later Felicia meets up with Bobby and tells her that Nelle bought her act. Then Felicia says Nelle doesn't have a social media presence and might have a different name. 

At the Quartermaine's, Jocelyn wants to keep a picture of Michael from when he was a little boy. She says Nelle would probably like to see it too. Bobby tells Jocelyn to leave it alone, because Nelle has a boyfriend. Later Jocelyn and Michael go to The Metro Court to see Nelle. Jocelyn notices Nelle's flowers and sneaks a look at who sent them. Right then we get a flashback that Nelle sent herself flowers.

Jason and Sonny talk strategy at Sonny's house. They're anxious to find out who the mysterious woman who's been pulling Julian's strings is. Then Curtis walks in followed by Sonny's associate, Brick, shortly after. Brick shows them a watch that can pick up RF transmissions. He also shows them a special camera they can use to listen to people's conversations. Curtis and Brick briefly clash, but Sonny smooths things over between them.

Alexis comes home to find Julian and Olivia Jerome talking in her living room. Ironically it turns out that Olivia is Alexis' sponsor from AA. Julian is surprised. Then we get a flashback of when Alexis and Olivia first met. Alexis tells Julian that, "Liv" has be very helpful to her. In private, Julian accuses Olivia of using Alexis. Later when Julian is alone with Alexis, he suggests that maybe she doesn't need a sponsor. Then he offers to be her sponsor, but Alexis quickly rejects him. After we see that Julian is being followed by Curtis. Meanwhile Alexis chats with Olivia on the phone. Olivia tells her that they were meant to meet. 

Liz takes care of Franco at her place. He tells her that he loves her. He also says he wants to protect her from negativity others may throw her way about their budding relationship. Liz says she can handle it and admits that she loves him too. They end up making out, which leads to love making set to a music montage. 

End of show!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pull One Over On Julian

Today's Show - 

Nelle looks at her silver baby rattle at the park and says, "I hope I have the strength to finish the job for you." Michael sees her while he's jogging and asks what she's doing there. Nelle says it's the anniversary of her father's death. Later Michael asks about the man in Nelle's life and wonders if he's really married. Nelle says Carly just assumed that, but he's an older man and they have a casual arrangement. Michael is understanding and offers Nelle a ride to Sonny's house.

Bobby and Carly go to Sonny's place to sort through old photo albums for Jocelyn. They find the front door open. Inside Sonny is with an officer. Sonny tells Carly not to worry, he's just going to GH for a check up. Later Bobby and Carly are alone. Carly talks about her adoptive mother, Virginia, and adoptive father who left her when she was little. Bobby wonders what life would have been like if she raised Carly herself. They bond and tell each other they love each other. 

After Nelle and Michael arrive and see pictures of Carly's adoptive dad. Nelle seems upset and asks if Carly ever investigated her adoptive family. Carly says she doesn't give a damn about her adoptive dad. Then later when she's alone, Bobby finds Nelle teary eyed in the living room. She asks if Nelle is okay. Nelle ends up snapping at Bobby. Carly and Michael walk back in so Nelle makes an excuse to leave. Michael then tells them Nelle is upset about her family. In private, Bobby ends up calling a mysterious person asking them to find out about Nelle Haze. Meanwhile Nelle returns to the park and says Carly deserves everything that's coming to her. 

Julian goes to GH for his physical therapy. Sam sees him and tells Jason that Julian has arrived. Then Sam approaches Julian and asks why he drugged Jason. She sets Julian up to make him curious when Sonny arrives to see Jason. Julian eavesdrops and hears a staged conversation between Sam, Sonny and Jason where Jason tells Sonny he can't be part of his business. After Sonny says pulling one over on Julian is amazing to him. Later Griffin accuses Sonny of faking the need for a check up to do something nefarious. 

Nina storms into Anna's house demanding to know what Anna wants with Valentin. Anna tells her that Valentin is obsessed with her. Nina doesn't like Anna's comments. Then she sees the picture of "hunchback" Valentin on Anna's computer. She thinks Anna used him in the past and feels guilty now. Her words effect Anna and she cries. Nina leaves and after Anna resumes looking at Valentin's old WSB files. While looking at his file she's denied access. 

Meanwhile at The Floating Rib, Lulu tells Valentin that maybe they can hash out their custody issues without lawyers. She says she'll share joint custody with him, if Valentin agrees to family therapy. However Valentin says he's not interested in sharing custody anymore. Lulu gets upset and says the Spencer's always win wars with the Cassadine's. Nina walks in and Lulu leaves. After Nina tells Valentin about her visit with Anna and seeing his old face. Nina tells him that seeing his picture made her understand his strength and courage. She says she admires him. Back at Anna's house, the file on Valentin disappears before her eyes. 

End of show!

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