Monday, January 16, 2017

Welcome to Your Wedding Day

Here's What Happened - 

Sonny thinks about his last encounter with Nelle at his house. Then Sam and Jason stop by and tell him that Rudge's pawn shop is owned by a dummy corporation. Sam also tells Sonny that Julian seemed genuinely worried about her getting involved with the case. In private, Sonny tells Jason he's a good friend and wants to have a conversation about Jason's role in his business. Jason says he belongs with his wife and kids. Later as they leave, Sam tells Jason she's with him no matter what he wants to do with Sonny's business. Then she starts to have cramps so Jason takes her to the hospital. While there they run into Julian. 

At The Metro Court, Nelle helps Olivia set up Maxie's wedding. Then she runs into Michael. They head to the coffee shop and chat. Michael says he's glad she decided to stay in Port Charles. Nelle replies that staying in town is lining up with her long term goals. Then Nelle tells Michael she used to be able to ice shake at an Olympic level, but had to quit because of financial reasons. Michael encourages her let go of the past. Back at Sonny's house, Griffin stops by. Sonny ends up confessing to him that he slept with another woman. Sonny wants to know if he should tell Carly. Griffin advises him to think and pray on it before doing anything. 

Maxie goes to the airport and tries to get a flight to Portland to see Georgie. While there she runs into NuSpinelli. She asks why he's there. NuSpinelli claims he's doing a job for Sam. Maxie wants to see Georgie, but he says Ellie took Georgie to Disney World. Then NuSpinelli wants to drive Maxie back to town to see Nathan.  Meanwhile at Crimson, Nina tells Nathan that Maxie disappeared. Dante, Lulu and Robin show up to help find Maxie. They check Maxie's computer and find out that she took a car to the airport. Nathan and Dante decide to go to the airport looking for her. While there Nathan learns from the airport clerk that he heard Maxie say she was going to Disney World.

Back at Crimson, Maxie arrives with NuSpinelli and gets surprised by Robin and Lulu in Nina's office. Lulu says to Maxie, "Welcome to your wedding day!" Then Felicia shows up looking fabulous and Maxie realizes that everyone worked together to surprise her, especially Nathan. NuSpinelli calls Dante just in time before Nathan was about to go to Disney World. Later Nathan and Dante arrive at The Metro Court in preparation for the wedding. Nathan thanks Dante for his help and calls him his brother. Then they share a hug. Meanwhile Maxie thanks everyone at Crimson for helping her and the ladies share a group hug.

Curtis runs into Jordan at The Metro Court and decides to tell her that he's got a lead on who killed Morgan. He stresses that it's not Sonny. Curtis tells her about how he and Jason broke into the pawn shop and about what he learned from the homeless man, Buzz. Curtis brings up the mysterious woman as well. He also says he stashed Buzz somewhere safe. Jordan wants Curtis to bring Buzz in so she can get a statement from him. She tells Curtis if he does bring Buzz to her it will help her trust him again. However Curtis says he can't do that and suggests that she let him take her to Buzz instead. 

Julian gets a check up at GH from Griffin. When Griffin steps out, Rudge slips in and surprises Julian. Rudge tells Julian he's had enough of Jason Morgan and so has his lady boss. He orders Julian to "get rid of" Jason tonight. Julian refuses to kill his daughter's husband. Then Griffin returns and asks what's going on. Julian claims Rudge is his driver. Griffin tells Julian his scans look fine so he's free to go. Once in alone again, Julian tells Rudge he's tired of being asked to do things that will hurt his family and says, "I'm done!" Julian says he's going to tell his family everything. After Rudge has his henchman go after Olivia to teach Julian a lesson. Later Olivia gets bad news about Leo. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

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