Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Hunchback of Port Charles

Here's What Happened - 

Sam comes into Jason's room at GH and wants to know why he's there. Jason tells her that Julian drugged him. Jason also says he thinks Julian is genuinely afraid of his family getting hurt. He wants Sam and Danny to go to a safe house while he goes after the mysterious woman involved with Rudge. Later Felix comes in and tells Jason he can leave when he gets the word from the doctor. Sam asks when Julian will be coming for physical therapy. Felix answers that can't tell her, but advises Sam on where she can sneak a peek at the schedule. 

Sonny has some questions for Ava at his house. He asks if she knows who is coming after the Jerome's family business. Ava claims she has no idea and thought Sonny was behind Julian's recent trouble. Ava tells him that there aren't any other Jerome's left besides her and Julian. Later Sonny gets a call from Jason asking to see him. 

Laura and Lulu go to Anna's house to talk about Valentin. They wonder if Anna found anything that would make Valentin look bad in court. Anna tells them that she found out she knew Valentin from the WSB and also says back then she thought of him as a friend. She explains that she saw some goodness in Valentin and thinks maybe Lulu should consider that in her custody battle. Lulu leaves to think about it. Once alone, Laura questions Anna and says there is something Anna isn't telling her. Laura insists that Valentin is evil and reminds her that he killed Nikolas. Laura warns Anna that she'll kill Valentin if he hurts Lulu. 

Valentin brings Nina to a quiet spot to discuss Anna. He tells her about his past with Anna at the WSB. Valentin also explains that he was a "hunchback" and had a disfigured face. He tells Nina that meeting Anna changed everything because she inspired him to get surgery. Nina thinks Anna was a fool and says he'll never see any pity in her face, only love. Then she leaves saying she needs to run an errand. Back at Anna's house, she hears the doorbell ring while she's looking at an old picture of Valentin. When Anna opens the door, Nina is there demanding to know what she wants with her husband. Meanwhile Valentin and Lulu meet at The Floating Rib to discuss Charlotte.

At the PCPD, Diane and Alexis speak privately in the interrogation room. Outside Dante questions Julian about Franco's disappearance. Julian tells him he's on the wrong track. Later Alexis tells Julian that she plans on telling Dante the whole story about how she ran him over. Julian says she deserves to start over with a clean slate. Alexis isn't sure she's ready for that and doesn't know if she can stay sober. Julian offers to support her. After Alexis tells Diane she's not ready for her court hearing yet. 

Franco remembers seeing trophy's at Tom Baker's house in his hospital room. He worries that Liz is in trouble. Later Franco is taken for an MRI and escapes to save Liz. Meanwhile at Tom's house, his brother Seth stops Liz from leaving with Tom's photo album. Seth gets emotional and explains to Liz that he killed Tom to stop him from hurting anymore women. He also admits to beating up Franco and locking him in a storage locker. Franco then bursts the door open and starts beating Seth up. 

At the hospital, Dante and Nathan learn that Seth owned the storage locker that Franco was kept in. Meanwhile at Tom's house, Franco tells Liz he doesn't want to kill Seth because he wants to be a better man for her. Then Nathan and Dante burst in and arrest Seth. Liz insists that Franco go back to the hospital for medical care, with her as his nurse. As they walk out together, Franco kisses her.

End of show!

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