Friday, January 27, 2017

Sam to the Rescue

Friday's Recap - 

Finn and Hayden have trouble keeping their hands off each other at GH. Then Brad approaches them to say Finn's serum may have multiple benefits and he wants his name on the patent. Griffin interrupts to tell Finn his serum is the talk of the hospital. Finn is overwhelmed and ends up asking Griffin for some pain medication. Brad sees Griffin offer to double the pain meds for Finn. In private, Brad warns Finn he's playing a dangerous game with his health. Brad threatens to expose Finn as a drug addict if he doesn't put his name on the serum's patent. 

Nurse Amy questions Hayden about her relationship with Dr. Finn. Amy tells Hayden she wants to be her friend and after some prodding, Hayden admits she has feelings for Finn. Later Nurse Amy runs to tell Griffin that Hayden and Finn are a couple. Nearby Hayden notices Finn arguing with Brad and asks what's going on. Finn lies and says everything is cool.  

Dante shows up at Alexis' house and wants to question her about Tom Baker. Alexis refuses to answer him without a lawyer present. Dante is surprised she won't cooperate. However Alexis firmly tells him, "we're done," and kicks Dante out. Later Dante heads back to the station and tells Nathan they need a search warrant for Alexis' house. Meanwhile Alexis is in a panic at her place after her encounter with Dante. Diane shows up to take her to her reinstatement hearing, but Alexis tells her she can't go through with it. Diane sternly tells her that the board members at the her hearing like Alexis and if she doesn't show up it will look bad. At the end Alexis tells Diane she'll meet her at the courthouse, but has to do something first. 

Franco wakes up in a storage room confused and wonders who did this to him. Thinking he's going to die soon, Franco starts to draw Liz on some nearby paper. He thinks of Elizabeth and we get flashbacks of their relationship. Then he passes out. Meanwhile Sam finds Franco's plea for help note laying on the floor of The Floating Rib. She places calls to both Kiki and Liz for assistance. Later Kiki shows up. Sam shows her the note and asks where Kiki found it. Kiki swears she didn't know what was on the paper and says it was by Dillon's storage unit. Sam decides to go to the storage facility alone, despite Kiki's protests that she shouldn't. Sam heads to the storage facility and hears Franco from inside one of the units. She breaks the door open and asks Franco if Julian did this to him. Franco answers that he never saw the person, points to all the trophy's stored in the room and says someone who is good at basketball took him. 

At the PCPD, Nathan reminds Liz of Franco's criminal history. Liz says the truth always comes out. Then Tom's brother comes storming in demanding to know why Franco hasn't been charged with Tom's murder. Liz tries to talk to him about the prospect of Franco being innocent. However Tom's brother is adamant that Franco is a bad guy. He makes a comment about Franco locking Tom in a dog cage, which gets Liz thinking. She follows him back to his house and asks how he knows about Tom being in a cage. Seth answers that Tom told him right after he escaped from the cage. Meanwhile Kiki goes to the police station and tells Dante and Nathan about Sam taking off to find Franco. At the end, we see a bunch of trophy's at Seth's house. 

End of show!

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