Friday, January 13, 2017

Operation Maxie

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Friday's Show - 

Franco gets knocked out and wakes up in unknown location unsure of what happened to him. He mentally tries to retrace his steps and then starts to call for help to no avail. Meanwhile Liz is looking for Franco at the hospital. Kiki approaches her also looking for Franco. Liz says she's getting worried, because she can't find him. Kiki tells Liz that Franco knows who killed Tom and she wants him to go to the police. Liz asks who the person is. Kiki says she's not sure. Liz wonders if Franco went on the run. Kiki doesn't think Franco would leave her. At the end, Franco tries to warm himself by wrapping himself in bubble wrap.

Finn brings Hayden to the coffee shop to learn how to ice skate. She gives it a try, but gets exhausted and quits. Hayden tells Finn she wants a hot toddy and a hot bath. They go back to his hotel room. Hayden wants to shower and when she's not looking Finn prepares to inject himself. However Hayden sees him and asks what he's doing. Finn tells her he was just looking for some hand cream. Then when she goes back into the bathroom, he finally injects himself. After Hayden and Finn toast to Roxie and the future. Then they eat together and talk about the vaccine. They end up kissing and take things to the bedroom.

Maxie and Nathan go to Crimson. Maxie tells Nathan she loves him and she'll wait forever to marry him. Then Nina gives Maxie a "to do" list. Once alone with Nathan, Nina is excited to surprise Maxie with his secret wedding plan called Operation Maxie. Nathan tells Nina that Claudette is dead. Nathan is worried that Valentin is involved, but Nina lobbies that Claudette was a liar. They agree to drop the issue and focus on Operation Maxie. Nina assures Nathan she's always going to look out for him. 

Later Dillon goes to Crimson to help with Operation Maxie and tries to keep Maxie from leaving the office. He convinces Maxie to help with a wedding project for the magazine. While doing so Maxie says the only thing that matters is that you marry someone you love, not dresses and fan fair. At the end, Maxie chooses a wedding dress for Nina's project that Nina says is perfect. However she disappears before Nina and Dillon can tell Maxie about the surprise. 

Valentin runs into Lulu and Dante at The Metro Court. Dante is quick to tell him that Claudette is dead from a suicide. Valentin says nothing surprises him about Claudette. Lulu doesn't think Valentin cares and says he has no conscious at all. Valentin defends himself by saying Lulu doesn't know him and he's worried for Charlotte. Lulu pushes for Valentin to tell Charlotte that she's her real mother, but Valentin says, "absolutely not!" He says it's too much too soon. Then Valentin walks off. 

After Valentin calls Nina to tell her about Claudette and says he's glad they got married. Then he picks up Charlotte. She asks about her mother. Valentin says he has sad news and tells her Claudette died. Charlotte takes it surprisingly well and says maybe Nina can be her new mommy. Meanwhile back at the Metro Court, Dante tells Lulu he agrees it's too soon to tell Charlotte about Lulu being her mother. Then Nathan walks in and asks if they're ready to make him a married man. At the end, The Metro Court is all decked out and Nathan calls Nina to tell her everything is ready. 

Alexis goes to an AA meeting at GH and admits she's an alcoholic. She explains that she started drinking because she got involved with a man who made her a victim. Alexis thinks there is something broken about her when it comes to men. The group counselor assures Alexis that if she continues group therapy things will get better. Alexis isn't so sure and says she's done something that she's not sure she can make up for. The counselor thinks Alexis needs to forgive herself. Alexis cries and says the only thing she wants right now is another drink. The counselor says she needs a sponsor. At the end, Liz sees Alexis coming out  of the AA meeting and a bell goes off in her head. She wonders if Alexis killed Tom.

End of show!

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