Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year's in Port Charles

Here's What Happened - 

Nina and Valentin head to his hotel room to commence their marital union. He carries her over the threshold and they toast to being unexpectedly married. Then they briefly talk about Charlotte and Lulu's custody desires, but Valentin says they shouldn't spend their wedding night talking about that. They end up going to the bed and sleep together. After Nina finds a gun in Valentin's jacket. He tells her that he has a license for it and sometimes guns are necessary. He promises to protect her and Charlotte at all costs. 

Lulu and Dante take a New Year's selfie at The Metro Court. After Lulu starts talking about getting Charlotte away from Valentin. Lulu says she's worried about Nina trying to be a mother figure to Charlotte. Dante agrees with her and hopes Nathan can talk sense into Nina. Lulu admits that she had a fight with Nina. Dante advises her to stay away from Nina from now on. Later on their way out, they run into Nina and Valentin who are anxious to gloat about getting married. 

Sam tries to reach Alexis on the phone, but can't get through. Jason suggests they go to Alexis' house to check on her. Meanwhile Julian finds Alexis passed out on the couch. He tries to wake her up, but then Jason and Sam knock on the door. Alexis manages to get up, while Julian hides. Alexis tries to keep them from coming inside, but Sam and Jason insist on coming in. Julian listens to their conversation. Sam asks if Alexis has been drinking so Alexis admits it. Alexis actually gets defensive and says she felt entitled to get hammered for New Year's. Sam is disappointed, but takes it in stride. 

Then Jason questions Alexis about the pawn shop owner, Rudge, coming to see her. Alexis claims he came looking for Julian without realizing they are divorced. Later Alexis warns Julian to keep Rudge out of her house and then takes off. Meanwhile Sam and Jason return to the Metro Court and they wonder how Julian is connected to Morgan's death. Jason thinks Alexis' story doesn't add up. Back at Alexis' house, Julian gets a text from Rudge saying "they" know about Sam and Jason. Over at a bar outside of town, Alexis gets an earful from the bartender who reminds her that she stiffed him last time she was there. It triggers a memory for Alexis and she remembers running into Tom Baker.

Liz gets a visit from Franco at her house. She asks if the knife the police have is his. Franco answers yes. He explains that the knife was missing from his studio and he asks if she believes he didn't kill Tom. Liz says she doesn't know what to believe after learning he locked Tom in a cage. They end up having a glass of wine and talk about things. He tells Liz that when Tom locked him in the cage he had dreams of all the people he hurt. Franco says he's not a bad person anymore, but he knows he needs to be better. Liz says she knows her loves her and she believes he didn't kill Tom. At the end, Franco suggests they don't see each other again until his name is cleared.

Carly pulls away from Sonny at his house when he tries to make out with her. Carly says she can't risk losing another person she loves by being with him. Sonny says she can leave in the morning, but asks her to stay one night with him. Carly admits that she wants to stay with him and they start kissing again. They end up going up to his bedroom and we get a music montage during their love making. After they have pillow talk and Carly says that Sam and even Nelle helped nudge her back in his direction. Sonny says he wants to tell her something and ends up saying they should forgive each other for everything they did after Morgan's death. Carly says their future is undecided, but they agree they are happy for the night. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

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