Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Madness

Who is this mysterious woman?
Here's What Happened - 

Franco and Scotty talk about Tom Baker at the Roadhouse. Scotty demands to know what Franco was doing the night Tom was killed. Franco tells him about putting Tom in a cage and then Tom getting out and putting him in the cage. Scotty doesn't think it looks good for Franco. Franco thinks he needs to find the real killer and mentions seeing Alexis at the bar. Later they go looking on Facebook and Twitter for clues. Scotty says there is a whole generation obsessed with selfies.

Laura tells Liz at the hospital that Kevin hurt his ankle while trying to impress the boys. Then they talk about how fond Liz's kids are of Franco and the news about Charlotte being Lulu's daughter. Laura pushes to know a little more about Liz's feeling for Franco. Liz takes Laura aside and says Franco did something to Tom that is very troubling. Laura advises her to decide if the good in Franco outweighs the bad. 

Kiki and Dillon return to Franco's apartment from their bus trip. Dillon brings up them kissing on NYE and hopes they can do it again. However Kiki is hesitant, because she still feels guilty about Morgan. Later Dillon takes a shower. He walks out in a towel and makes Kiki blush. Then they eat dinner and end up kissing. They get interrupted by Liz who is looking for Franco. Liz says she wanted to surprise Franco. However her visit reminds Dillon of the awkward dynamic he and Kiki have been going through. At the end, Dillon decides they should wait before taking things between them any further.

Jason and Curtis learn that Rudge has a female boss from the homeless guy (Patrick Swayze's brother) at the shelter. The man also tells them that this woman wanted him dead. Then Sam shows up and the guy takes off shortly after. Sam tells Curtis and Jason she thinks Julian is scared and in trouble. They wonder who this unknown woman is. Jason decides he's going to get to the bottom of it so he and Curtis decide to go find Rudge. Meanwhile Rudge tells the mysterious someone that Jason and Curtis are speaking with the homeless man. The mysterious person isn't happy and pours hot water on Rudge's hand. At the end, Jason and Curtis go looking for Rudge and this unknown woman, but find the back room of the pawn shop empty.

Alexis panics at her house when she can't find her vodka. Julian shows her a box of emptied bottles and claims he's trying to stop her from killing herself or someone else. While they argue, Alexis remembers being in a scuffle with Tom. Then she calls for a car to pick her up to take her to the bar. Julian accuses her of being dependent on alcohol and he threatens to call the girls if she leaves. Alexis then has another flashback and remembers Tom pulling a knife on her. Later Alexis decides not to go out to avoid upsetting Sam. Julian pleads with Alexis to get it together. After Julian makes her food. Alexis has another memory flash of getting a hold Tom's knife. It convinces her she's guilty. Alexis starts freaking out and tells Julian she killed a man. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

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