Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I've Earned My Spot

Today's Show - 

Bobby snaps Carly out of a daydream at The Metro Court. Carly was thinking of her recent love making with Sonny. Nelle comes over and blurts out that Carly and Sonny are back together. Bobby gets visibly irked by her presence, but stays cool and tells Carly she just wants her to be happy. Carly is convinced that Sonny would never betray her. Bobby makes a comment that Carly might not need Nelle as much anymore, which annoys Nelle. Carly tells Nelle she will always need her. Later Nelle ends up convincing Carly to go to Australia to see Jocelyn and offers to check on Sonny while she's gone. 

After Carly and Nelle talk and Nelle indicates that she might be seeing someone who is married. Then when Bobby learns that Nelle pushed Carly toward going to Australia, she gets snippy with Nelle. Nelle suggests they finally talk things out privately. However their conversation quickly goes south. Nelle gets defensive and says that she earned her spot and didn't do it on her back like Bobby did. She reminds Bobby that she was a hooker. Bobby takes it in stride and says she thinks the real Nelle just showed up. Bobby wants to know what Nelle is up to and warns her to watch herself. 

Sam goes to Ava's apartment looking for Julian, but quickly realizes that he's not staying there. Sam says Jason has uncovered new information about Morgan's death. Ava gets rattled and thinks of how she switched Morgan's pills. Sam takes notice and wonders if Ava was involved with Morgan's death. Ava gets offended. Sam then wonders if Ava is the mysterious woman connected to Rudge. However Ava laughs off her idea. Sam gets offended and leaves. After Ava leaves a worried message for Julian. 

Jason and Curtis find the back room at Rudge's Asian Quarter pawn shop empty. Jason finds a mysterious picture of a little boy. Then someone locks the door and sets a fire, trapping Curtis and Jason inside. They manage to get themselves free and then go to the Roadhouse for some water. Curtis thinks it's time to involve Jordan, but Jason thinks they need to find out who Rudge is working for first. Later Sam joins them. Curtis excuses himself and once alone, Sam tells Jason about her conversation with Ava. Sam says she thinks Ava is hiding something about Morgan.

At the Roadhouse, Franco and Scotty find a picture of Tom and Alexis together. Franco thinks it could mean Alexis is guilty of murder, but Scotty thinks that's unlikely. Meanwhile Alexis blurts out at her house that she killed Tom Baker. She explains to Julian that it happened the night of Sam's baby shower and it wasn't the first time she'd met Tom. Since Alexis doesn't remember stabbing Tom, Julian thinks she might be innocent. He wonders if Franco is responsible. Right then Franco knocks on the door. Julian hides so Alexis opens the door. Franco shows her the picture of her and Tom together. Alexis ends up kicking him out. After Julian tells Alexis she needs to get sober to fight this. 

Diane goes to Sonny's house and finds him smiling. Sonny says Jason might have evidence that Julian bombed his own car. Diane isn't so sure it will make a difference because there is a new D.A. in town who is eager to make a name for herself. Later they end up having pasta and wine together. Diane says she's always been fond of Sonny and his family. Diane thinks they should bring up Morgan's bipolar disorder at the trial. Sonny also thinks Carly will be by his side when the time comes. 

Later Carly comes by to see Sonny. He talks to her about his conversation with Diane regarding his trial. Then Carly tells him about her plans to go to Australia and mentions that she thinks Nelle is dating someone who is married. Sonny looks concerned. After Sonny calls Nelle and tells her to come over. Meanwhile at The Metro Court, Carly asks Bobby to keep an eye on Sonny and Michael while she's out of town. 

End of show!

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