Thursday, January 26, 2017

It's Hard to See You Move On

Life goes on.
Today's Show - 

Lulu joins Laura and Kevin at The Metro Court and tells them about telling Charlotte she's her mother. Lulu is convinced that Charlotte hates her now. Kevin thinks Charlotte and Lulu might benefit from family therapy. Lulu agrees that it's a good idea until Kevin suggests she go to therapy with Valentin. Lulu hates the idea. Kevin then says that sole custody might not be in Charlotte's best interest. Lulu gets upset and leaves to think it over. In private, Kevin assures Laura he hasn't forgot that Valentin shot him. 

Carly goes to Sonny's house and finds mail there addressed to Morgan. Sonny shows her a pile of mail for Morgan that he hasn't been able to open. They decide to open his mail together. Carly finds a bunch of gambling charges made on Morgan's credit card before he died. It confirms to Carly that Morgan was in trouble. She gets upset thinking they didn't save Morgan when he needed it. She decides to go to work, but tells she needs him before leaving.

At The Floating Rib, Liz tells Sam, Dillon and Kiki they should involve the police in Franco's disappearance. Kiki and Dillon don't think it's a good idea. In private, Sam asks Liz not to throw Alexis under the bus. However Liz says she's sorry and walks out. Kiki then unintentionally drops a note on the floor that she didn't notice in Franco's things. After Kiki and Dillon decide to share a cheeseburger at The Metro Court. They end up kissing and Carly sees them. Carly snaps at them for their PDA. Kiki tells Carly she understands if Carly hates her, but Carly replies that she doesn't. She explains that it's just difficult to see Kiki move on, but she knows Morgan would want Kiki to be happy. Later Kiki tells Dillon she feels better about things and they kiss again. 

Michael goes to see Nelle in Carly's office. He gives her a key chain with an ice skating boot on it for when she's ready to get back on the ice. He says it's a thank you gift for Nelle helping Jocelyn. They have a flirty conversation while Michael vents about some trouble at ELQ. Then Carly walks in. Carly sends Nelle over to Sonny's house to help him with Morgan's mail. Once alone, she asks if Michael knew Morgan was gambling again. Michael says no and offers Carly some words of comfort. He also tells her that he's getting closer with Nelle. Carly thinks he's mistaken and says Nelle is involved with a married man. Meanwhile, Nelle shows up at Sonny's house with an attitude. Sonny says he can see Nelle's rage under the surface. He asks who she's angry with and warns her that anger is all consuming. 

Nathan questions Dante at the PCPD about what happened with Lulu at his wedding reception. Then Liz walks in and tells them that she thinks Alexis killed Tom Baker. Liz also suggests that Julian might have done something to Franco. Dante decides to go question Alexis. After Nathan takes Liz's statement. He wonders why she's so sure that Franco is innocent. Liz says she has faith that Franco has changed. Liz also thinks the truth always comes out one way or the other. 

Alexis struggles to resist having a glass of wine at her house. She nearly takes a sip, but then looks at a picture of her daughters and decides not to. Then Sam comes over to warn Alexis that Liz went to the police to rat her out. Sam also wonders if Julian is responsible for Franco's disappearance. Sam notices Alexis' wine bottle and questions her about drinking again. Alexis promises that she resisted the wine. Sam believes her and they hug. After Sam leaves to look for her cell phone at The Floating Rib. While there she finds the note Kiki dropped. She reads it and sees it's from Franco asking for help. Meanwhile Dante shows up at Alexis's door asking questions.  

End of show!

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