Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I'm Deeply Ashamed

Here's What Happened - 

In Baltimore, Jordan and Curtis review Buzz's statement in a hotel room. Curtis emphasizes that Sonny is innocent of Morgan's death. Jordan agrees. Curtis suggests they chill out together until his truck is repaired. However Jordan is reluctant to stop working. Curtis steps out for awhile. Later he returns with take out from their favorite old place, which Jordan loves. They eat together and Jordan says it reminds her of old times. Then Curtis suggests they play poker. They end up flirting and it leads to a hot kiss. 

Michael brings Sonny food at his house and they briefly talk about Morgan. Then Carly shows up with gifts for them from her trip. Carly tells Sonny that Jocelyn doesn't want to see him. Michael offers to speak with Jocelyn and leaves to find her. Once alone, Sonny asks Carly where they stand with each other. Carly tells him that she's going to stay with Jocelyn at her house until Jocelyn comes around. Sonny kisses Carly and says he missed her. Meanwhile Michael goes to see Jocelyn at The Metro Court and Nelle is there. Jocelyn refuses to live with Sonny. Michael tells her she needs to forgive Sonny. Nelle agrees with Michael and encourages Jocelyn to forgive Sonny. Later the three of them end up going to Sonny's house. Jocelyn hugs Sonny and says she remembers that he made her happy. 

Sam shows up at Alexis' house unexpected and finds Julian there. She's shocked to see him. Julian says he dropped by to pick something up. Alexis tells Julian to leave so she can tell Sam the truth. Once alone, Alexis tells Sam that Julian is blackmailing her because she hit him with her car. She also tells Sam that she's been drinking for months and is deeply ashamed. Sam is sympathetic and says she knew something has been wrong for awhile. Alexis admits to being drunk when she babysat Danny. She also tells Sam that Julian pushed her into AA. Later Sam asks Alexis if she was involved with Tom Baker's murder. Alexis admits that she might have killed him. 

Jason runs into Liz at The Floating Rib. He can tell she's distracted and asks what's going on. Right then Kiki walks in and asks if Jason is there to help them with Franco. Liz tells Jason not to worry about it and asks him to leave. In private, Kiki tells Liz that the police are charging Franco with Tom Baker's murder. Liz assures Kiki that Franco didn't kill Tom and shows her Franco's bloody phone that she found. Kiki thinks they should expose the woman who Franco's been protecting. Liz doesn't think they should do anything just yet. Later Liz meets up with Sam. 

Meanwhile Jason gets a text from Julian and meets him at The Metro Court. Julian gives Jason very little information about Rudge. Then Julian returns to Alexis' house. When he arrives, Alexis accuses him of doing something to Franco. Back at the Metro Court, Jason collapses out of nowhere and falls to the floor. 

End of show!

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