Monday, January 23, 2017

I Remember

Monday's Recap - 

Hayden and Finn finally make love in his hotel room. After she talks about how happy she is. Finn tells her this is just the beginning for them. Then she takes a shower. Once alone, Finn tries to quickly inject himself but Hayden ends up seeing him. She thinks that he's still sick, but Finn says it's just taking longer for his serum to work on him. Hayden believes him. Later they go to The Floating Rib for some food. They run into Brad there. Brad is eager to talk about getting a grant for Finn's serum. In private, Brad asks why Finn is lying to Hayden about his health. 

Nathan carries Maxie into their hotel suite and welcomes her to their honeymoon. Maxie sees a bunch of presents, which Nathan tells her are all from him. Maxie thinks they should make love before she opens any of them. After talk about some of their early memories together and Maxie begins to open her presents. She gets a box of her favorite cookies, a new custom handbag and a bejeweled diamond necklace. Nathan explains that the necklace belonged to his grandmother. Later Maxie gives Nathan a coveted autographed Yankee baseball that he wanted. At the end Nathan gives Maxie a final gift, a pair of handcuffs. 

On the Metro Court balcony, Anna remembers how she knows Valentin. Both Anna and Valentin tear up as Anna recounts him visiting her on her birthday back in her WSB days. Griffin goes to Anna's defense so Valentin seethes that Griffin needs to leave before he beats him unconscious. Anna tells Andre to take Griffin and go. Once alone, Anna remembers that Valentin looked different in the past. At the same time, we get a flashback of her memory. Valentin says he had surgery to alter his appearance because of Anna. He also talks about how the WSB used him for his brain while keeping him in a dark room due to his unpleasant appearance. Valentin claims her rejection made him change his life for the better. 

Lulu ends up telling Charlotte that she's her real mother in the linen closet at the hotel. However Charlotte screams that its not true and runs out. She unintentionally locks Lulu in the closet on her way out. After failing open the door, Lulu decides to climb out through the air vents to escape. Meanwhile Dante tries to talk to Nina back in the reception area about Charlotte. Nina thinks Lulu is being selfish by going for sole custody. After Dante goes looking for Lulu and Charlotte runs to see Nina. Charlotte tells Nina what Lulu told her. Nina advises her not to worry about it until they talk to Valentin. 

Andre talks to Griffin about his hostility toward Valentin at the Metro Court bar. Griffin thinks Valentin killed Claudette. Then Valentin comes to comfort Charlotte and tells her that Griffin is lying about him hurting Claudette. Dante also enters the room looking for Lulu. Right then Lulu comes falling through the ceiling. Later Charlotte tells Valentin that Lulu said she's her mother. Valentin says he will explain it better once he has time to think about everything. Meanwhile Lulu tells Dante that she told Charlotte she's her real mother. Lulu thinks Charlotte hates her. Nearby Anna comes to talk to Griffin and Andre. She tells them she used to be friends Valentin and rejected his advances. Anna thinks Valentin wants revenge against her now. 

Liz leaves a message for Franco from The Floating Rib pleading with him to call her back. Then Brad comes over to her saying the police are looking for Franco too. Meanwhile at the Roadhouse, Scotty asks the bartender if he's seen Alexis. Then he gets a call from Liz. He tells Liz to come meet him at the Roadhouse. When Liz gets there she sees Franco's car in the parking lot. However Scotty says he hasn't seen Franco. Liz wants to call the police, but Scotty thinks that would make things worst. At the end, Liz asks the bartender where Tom was murdered. He tells her the alley in the back. She goes looking in the alley and finds Franco's phone with blood on it.

End of show!

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