Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I Need Help

Here's What Happened - 

Maxie and Nathan arrive in Canada looking for Claudette. They check into a hotel and make their plans to meet up with Claudette's mother. After Nathan talks about them buying a house together. Maxie loves the idea. Then they get a knock on the door from the local inspector. The inspector tells Nathan and Maxie that Claudette is dead from an apparent suicide. The news upsets Nathan. However after the inspector calls Valentin to say Maxie and Nathan believed his story. 

At The Metro Court, Charlotte and Nina wait for Valentin. When he shows up, they tell Charlotte about getting married. Charlotte takes it well and says it sounds wonderful. Valentin then surprises them with wedding rings. He asks Charlotte to help him exchange them with Nina, which Charlotte loves. At the end, they all leave together like a happy family. 

Franco goes to his apartment and finds Kiki there. She tells him about her NYE bus trip with Dillon. Kiki says she going to stop fighting her feelings for Dillon. Franco thinks it's important to fight for love. After he tells her about what's going on with Tom Baker's murder. Franco tells her he knows who killed Tom, but he can't go to the police. Franco thinks he needs to stay quiet, even if it effects his relationship with Liz. Kiki tells him that Liz stopped by to see him earlier. She thinks he has a real chance of being with Liz. 

Sonny grills Nelle at his house about what she said to Carly. Nelle tries to explain that she lied about seeing someone who is "unavailable" so Carly wouldn't try to set her up with Michael. Sonny gets assertive and insists it's best that Nelle say nothing that will make Carly curious. Meanwhile at The Roadhouse, Jason shows Sam the picture of a child he found at Rudge's pawn shop. Sam thinks the child looks familiar. After they decide go to Sonny's house. Nelle quickly excuses herself and once alone, Jason and Sam tell Sonny about the mysterious woman connected to Rudge. In private, Jason asks Sonny if things are okay with him and Nelle. Sonny says he thinks Nelle isn't as innocent as she appears to be. 

Alexis continues to panic about possibly killing Tom Baker at her house. Julian thinks she's going through alcohol withdrawals. Then he goes over the night Tom died and asks if Alexis remembers seeing anyone else. Alexis tells him about the bartender. While they talk Alexis "sees" Tom in Julian's place. She imagines that Tom says she killed him, encourages her to drink and then envisions a bloody knife in her hand. Alexis talks to her vision of Tom Baker, even though it's just Julian, and insists that he get away from her. At the end, she snaps out of it and begs Julian for a drink. Then she sobs, "I need help!"

End of show!

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  1. Love the story line.It sends a message of how bad things can go if you let it.


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