Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Finally Hitched!

Today's Show - 

Maxie prepares for her wedding and heads down the Crimson elevator with all her female helpers. Meanwhile Nathan, Dante and NuSpinelli wait for them in the dining room. When the elevator door opens, Spinelli insists that Nathan blindfold himself so he won't see Maxie, which Nathan does. Once Maxie sees how pretty the room looks, she thanks Nathan for all his efforts. Then Mac brings Georgie to see Maxie. Mac says he couldn't let his little girl get married without her little girl. After he warns Nathan not to hurt Maxie or else. Then Anna arrives with Emma followed by Griffin shortly after that. 

Later Felicia learns that Lucy can't make it to the wedding to conduct the ceremony. Robin reminds Spinelli that he's an officiant and can marry them. Nearby Valentin shows up, which upsets Lulu. She asks him to leave, but Nina quickly steps in to defend Valentin. After the wedding begins. Mac walks Maxie down the aisle and Spinelli begins the ceremony. However Dr. O bursts in saying she objects. She cries that she was notified by text and feels like she was left out. Nathan and Maxie sooth her concerns so Dr. O sits and allows them to continue the wedding. Maxie and Nathan say their own vows and we get flashbacks of their first meeting and relationship. While watching their union, Anna has a disturbing memory about her past that appears to be a rape flashback.

Andre approaches Jordan at The Metro Court and is excited for their date at the wedding. Then Curtis comes over and tells Jordan if she wants to meet Buzz they need to go tonight. However Andre doesn't like the idea and asks Jordan to stay with him. Jordan tells him she has to follow every lead. Later Jordan leaves the wedding against Andre's wishes to go with Curtis. 

Julian tells Jason and Sam at GH that he wants to tell them the truth. Sam shows him the picture of a little boy Jason found at the pawn shop and asks if it's Julian in the picture. Meanwhile Olivia gets a call from Ned about baby Leo and tells her to come to GH. When she arrives, Julian, Sam and Jason join her and Ned tells them that he found Leo with an open bottle of aspirin. Julian listens to Olivia cry and gets upset. Shortly after Olivia learns Leo will be okay. Julian thanks Ned for getting Leo to the hospital. Then he decides not to tell Sam and Jason what's really going on and leaves. Meanwhile Olivia asks Ned to be Leo's father figure and Ned assures her he's up for it. Ned also says he thinks something else is going on with Julian.

In the Asian Quarter, Rudge goes to speak with his lady boss to tell her that their backup plan is in motion. At the end of the show, Julian bursts in and demands to see "her". Then Olivia Jerome walks out saying she'll always make time for family. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

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