Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bloody Mary

Wednesday's Show - 

Andre prepares to hypnotize Anna in his office at GH. She's determined to find out what her memory is about. Once she's under, Anna recounts walking down a hallway and hearing whistling. She remembers opening a door, but ends up panicking when Andre asks what's behind the door. Anna pulls herself out of hypnosis, but then insists that Andre put her back under so she can find out the truth. When Anna is under again, she recalls seeing a light under a door at the end of the hallway. She remembers that her watch face was stopped on Oct 29th, which is her birthday.

Valentin chats on the phone with Charlotte from his hotel bed with Nina and tells her he's got a surprise to share with her. Nina says she's excited to spend more time with Charlotte, but is worried that Charlotte might not feel the same. Valentin thinks Charlotte will love the idea. They end up talking about Claudette, attaining some wedding pictures and then Nina mentions the picture Valentin was upset about losing. He tells her he's over it now since he has his memory. At the end, we see Valentin delete Claudette from his contacts while whistling a song.

Nathan escorts Maxie to Crimson and they talk about not getting married. Nathan thanks her for being cool about his still being married to Claudette. Maxie wonders how he can divorce Claudette since she's vanished. Later Maxie learns that it will take three weeks for Nathan to finalize his divorce, if he puts an ad in the newspaper and fails to get a response. Nathan tells her the police are close to declaring Claudette dead. Later Nina arrives at work and flowers are delivered for her from Valentin. She ends up telling them that she married Valentin. Both Maxie and Nathan think it's a mistake. Nathan thinks Valentin is using her like Ric Lansing did. Nina insists that she made the right decision and says they will grow to love each other. She swears it's the smartest thing she's ever done. 

Finn brings Hayden some regular food to eat in her hospital room. He also tells her that he might be able to get her released from the hospital today, depending on her blood work. Later Liz comes in with Hayden's blood test results. She tells her things look good. Hayden then wants to know what Finn's test results say. Then Liz learns about the drugs Finn's been taking. She worries, because it's illegal. After Finn collapses in the hallway. Then he returns to his lab and injects himself with more drugs. 

Franco tries to avoid Liz at the hospital. She tells him he doesn't have to avoid her, but Franco feels like he needs to. Then Tom Baker's brother, Scott, comes storming in demanding to know why Franco hasn't been charged with Tom's murder. Dr. Obrecht comes over, tells Liz to get back to work and quickly defends Franco to Scott. She sends Scott away and after Dr. O tells Franco he needs to find out who really killed Tom to avoid prosecution. Later Dr. Obrecht tells Liz that Franco is determined to prove himself to her. She wonders if Liz believes he won't do crazy things anymore. 

Alexis meets with Diane at the Metro Court. Diane already ordered them Bloody Mary's and Alexis notices a picture of Tom Baker on Diane's tablet. Alexis seems jarred by the news that Tom Baker was killed on Dec 21st. She ends up confessing to Diane that she was with Tom the night he died. Alexis explains that she can't remember what happened. Diane gets worried and says she wants to help her. Alexis tells her about getting buzzed the night of Sam's baby shower and going to the bar. Diane thinks if Alexis gets her law license back she'll be okay. She also warns Alexis to stay away from Julian to make sure nothing gets in her way. At the end, Alexis returns to the bar and finds Franco there asking the bartender questions about Tom.

End of show!

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