Wednesday, December 14, 2016

You're Charlotte's Mother

Here's What Happened - 

Sam goes to see Maxie at Crimson and Maxie tells Sam she wants to throw her an amazing baby shower. Sam isn't sure that she wants that, but Maxie insists. Then Maxie learns that Sam is waiting to find out the sex of the baby until he or she is born. Maxie thinks it's a mistake and steals Sam's test results when Sam steps away to take a call. 

Dante and Lulu wait for results at GH about Charlotte. Griffin comes over to tell them he doesn't have any answers yet on her DNA, because he's being extra thorough to assure there is no tampering. Later Griffin returns. He tells Lulu she is definitely Charlotte's mother and Valentin is her father. Dante thinks they'll have to prepare for a custody battle. Lulu wonders if Dante can love Charlotte like a father. 

Julian struggles with pain at Ava's apartment. Ava is concerned about him and warns Alexis she'll be watching her. Ava wants to have Bloody Mary's to celebrate Julian surviving, but Alexis says he can't drink on pain medication. Ava and Alexis snipe at each other. Alexis steps on the balcony to collect herself and slips vodka in her coffee to take the edge off. In private Ava pleads with Julian to let her help him so he doesn't have to involve Alexis. Julian ends up falling asleep on her. After Ava and Alexis start arguing again and Ava tells Alexis that she knows Alexis ran Julian down. Ava threatens to go to the cops with that information.

Nelle brings Sonny some ornaments from Carly for his Christmas tree. She offers to decorate the tree for him and once again they promise to keep quiet about their night together. Then Carly walks in and puts the finishing touches on the tree. Sonny is clearly uncomfortable with Nelle being there too. Then Carly gets a call and learns that Sonny recommended Nelle for a job in Atlanta. Carly wonders why Sonny got involved. Nelle jumps in and says it was just a mix up and Sonny thought he was helping her. However Nelle assures Carly she's not leaving town. Carly thinks it was nice of Sonny to help Nelle and says she thinks things look positive for Christmas.

At The Metro Court, Curtis and Jason review the evidence they found in the dumpster. Carly brings them coffee and questions Jason about why he seems off. However Curtis says they're in the middle of something before Carly can get any answers from Jason. She decides to leave them alone. After Jason tells Curtis he thinks he found something. They head over to a pawn shop and show the owner pictures of Julian and his men to see if the owner recognizes them. The owner says no, but he does recognize the bag that the tools Jason found in the dumpster were in. The owner says he has a bunch of them, which he hands out all the time. Later Jason ends up finding matching tools in the shop and accuses the owner of lying to him. At the end, we see that an unknown person is watching Jason and Curtis question the owner on surveillance cameras. 

End of show!

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