Friday, December 9, 2016

We're Charlotte's Parents

Friday's Recap - 

Curtis shows Jason what he found out at Kelly's. Curtis determines that there is more surveillance footage from yet another angle. He and Jason take off to investigate and end up looking through dumpsters for clues. Curtis gets scared by a rat, which amuses Jason. Then Jason finds a bag full of stuff that might have been used to plant the bomb. Later Curtis gets a call from Jordan with more information on the case.

Nelle goes to Sonny's house at Sonny's behest. He gives Nelle her missing necklace and then says he's found a solution for their awkward situation. Sonny tells her that there is a teaching job waiting for her in Atlanta. Nelle says he can't make her leave and tells Sonny there is nothing for her back in Atlanta. Sonny decides to drop the issue. Nelle assures him she won't say anything about them sleeping together and she records their conversation again. Later Jason shows up and notices an odd exchange between Nelle and Sonny. Nelle leaves and after Jason asks Sonny what's going on.

Ava stops by Julian's hospital room with plans to take him home with her after he's released. However Julian informs her that he has other plans. Meanwhile Alexis spikes her coffee again outside of Kelly's. Then she heads to the hospital to pick up Julian. Ava is surprised to see her and in private figures out that Alexis must have been the one who hit him. Julian asks her to keep quiet about it. Ava agrees, but doesn't think anything good will come of his plan for Alexis. By the nurses' station, Alexis gets questioned by Griffin about why she's taking care of Julian after what he did to her. Alexis claims that she's trying to forgive people who have wronged her. Griffin has trouble believing her. 

In NYC, Lulu and Maxie are locked in Dr. Bellamy's exam room and struggle to figure out how to get out. Meanwhile Valentin gets a call at Wyndermere from Dr. Bellamy about Lulu and Maxie snooping in his office. Valentin decides to handle the situation personally. Back at Dr. Bellamy's office, he tells Lulu and Maxie to sit tight and keeps them locked up. Later Valentin shows up and Lulu slaps him across the face. Then Dr. Bellamy gives Valentin some alone time with Lulu and Maxie. 

At GH, Nathan goes to Griffin for help with Valentin. Nearby Dante can't reach Lulu on her phone and wonders where she is. Nathan can't reach Maxie either. Griffin tells them that Maxie and Lulu stopped by last night and Dante finds the address for Dr. Bellamy. Nathan and Dante take off to find the girls. Later Dante and Nathan show up at Dr. Bellamy's office. Valentin says he has something to tell all of them. At the end, Valentin confirms that Lulu is Charlotte's mother. He looks at Lulu and smirks, "we're Charlotte's parents."

End of show!

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