Thursday, December 8, 2016

Watch Out For Tom Baker!

Here's What Happened - 

Franco brings Liz a key-chain with mace on it at Perks. Liz is worried that Franco is going to kill Tom. Franco promises that he won't go after Tom, but says he's worried because he really cares about her. Liz says his violent side scares her. Franco asks her to promise that she'll use the key-chain if she needs to. Later Liz runs into Hayden and tries to get her to open up about what's going on with her. However Hayden is reluctant to talk. 

Monica, Dillon and Tracy talk about Tom Baker at the hospital. Then Finn rushes up to Tracy asking if she has seen Hayden. Tracy says yes so Finn tries to call Hayden, but without success. Then he gets a call from Liz telling him where Hayden is. Later Liz comes to the hospital and talks to Monica and Tracy about what's happening with Hayden. Meanwhile Finn goes to Perks to talk to Hayden while she's trying to ice skate. Hayden tells him that she made a bucket list, because she's accepted that she's going to die. At the end, Hayden gets light headed and Finn has to catch her from falling. 

Outside of Kelly's, Kiki has a run in with Tom Baker. He asks if she's a model. Kiki thinks he's giving her a line, but Tom says he is a professional photographer. He gives her a card and suggests they can help each other out since they're both looking for work. Kiki turns Tom down while Franco happens to overhear. After Franco confronts Tom, but Tom quickly warns Franco to back off. Meanwhile Dillon meets up with Kiki and they talk about all the people they've lost, including Emily. Dillon warns her to be careful of Tom Baker and gives her background on what Tom did to Emily and Liz. Later Franco ends up warning Kiki about Tom as well and he asks for her help to keep women safe. Kiki likes the idea and agrees. 

Dante talks to Nathan about Lulu's thoughts on Charlotte being her daughter at the PCPD. Dante says the Canadian authorities can't find Claudette and will soon declare her dead. Nathan wonders how they could prove that Lulu is Charlotte's mother. Meanwhile Maxie and Lulu go to Claudette's Obgyn, Dr. Bellamy, in New York City for information on Charlotte. Maxie pretends to need an exam while Lulu snoops in the doctor's files. Lulu finds out that Claudette was a surrogate for Charlotte. After Dr. Bellamy catches Lulu looking into his files and decides to lock Maxie and Lulu in the exam room.

At Wyndermere, Valentin and Nina regale in their night together. She tells him that she likes him and she likes being with him, but she's not sure if he's being 100% honest with her. Valentin hopes they can have a real relationship. Later Nathan and Dante go to Wyndermere to talk to Valentin about Claudette. Nathan isn't pleased to find Nina there, but Nina is quick to tell him that she's a grown woman who will make her own choices. Nina refers to Valentin as her boyfriend. At the end, Nina leaves and Valentin gets a phone call from Dr. Bellamy.

End of show!

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