Monday, December 19, 2016

The Cure

Here's What Happened - 

Lulu goes to Wyndermere and tells Valentin she wants to take Charlotte home. Valentin says he won't stop Lulu from having a relationship with Charlotte, but she has to share with him. Then Charlotte and Nina walk in the room. Nina gets Charlotte to go play and then tells Lulu not to speak against Valentin. Lulu gets irked by Nina. Valentin promises he won't keep Charlotte from Lulu. Charlotte returns with a picture for Nina and it's clear they have a bond. Then Valentin let's Lulu take Charlotte to see the Christmas tree lighting at The Metro Court. Privately Nina tells Valentin it was a mistake for him to let Lulu take her. Valentin says he feels like he has to let Lulu sink or swim with Charlotte. Nina warns him that people will go to extreme lengths to protect their children. 

Anna talks to Dante at The Metro Court about Charlotte being Lulu's child. Dante seems a little sad and tells Anna he always wanted a daughter of his own. Dante worries that he might not be able to love Charlotte they way Lulu wants him to. Anna tells him that his love for Lulu and Rocco will make it okay for him. After Anna tells Dante that she thinks Valentin burned down his childhood school. Anna also says she thinks she knows Valentin from somewhere. Later they run in Lulu and Charlotte. Anna takes Charlotte to play with Emma. Charlotte teaches Emma a tune that triggers a bizarre memory for Anna. In private, Lulu gushes to Dante about Charlotte. Dante doesn't like that Lulu approached Valentin without him. At the end, Lulu tells Dante she doesn't plan on giving Charlotte back to Valentin. 

Liz tells Franco at the hospital that his landlord complained about the loud music at his studio. She questions him about the Christmas present he's been working on, but then she gets called away to a patient before Franco can answer. Meanwhile at Franco's studio, Tom tries to get Franco's cell phone through his cage as it lays on the floor. Later Franco returns to the studio and finds Tom trying to get his phone. Franco says he's going to keep Tom until he officially breaks parole and goes back to prison. Tom swears he's reformed and begs for Franco to let him go. At the end, Tom's brother, Scott, goes to the hospital looking for him. Liz introduces him to Franco and asks if Franco knows where Tom might be. Back at the studio, Tom finally manages to get free of his cage.  

Tracy reads to Hayden at the Quartermaine's and tells her that Finn thinks he's found a cure. Hayden asks why Tracy is helping her. Tracy says Hayden reminds her of someone. Later Hayden's temperature rises so Tracy brings her to the hospital. Liz comes to help and Hayden asks her to find Dr. Finn before she dies. Meanwhile in the hospital lab, Dr. Finn enlists Brad's help to find a cure for he and Hayden. After Liz calls Finn to say Hayden is in bad shape. Dr. Finn rushes to Hayden's room with his syringe. Finn tells Tracy he thinks he's found the cure and is going to test it on himself to see if it works. However before he can inject himself, Hayden begins to flat line.

End of show!

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