Monday, December 5, 2016

Thank You, Alexis!

I wasn't drunk, I was pissed!
Monday's Recap - 

Anna asks Robert to help her investigate Valentin over the phone at Kelly's. Then Laura walks in and Anna asks her about Valentin. Laura gives Anna the highlights of what happened in Greece with Valentin and also says that Luke had mentioned Valentin to her in the past. Laura mentions that Valentin wore the same costume as Kevin on Halloween and offered to let her live with him. Laura gets upset thinking of what he did to Nikolas and says she thinks Valentin has a lot of secrets. Later Anna gets a call back from Robert and learns that the headmaster of Valentin's boarding school had been killed back in the day. 

Nina and Valentin flirt at the hospital. Then Santa (Kevin) arrive to greet the kids for Toys for Tots. Meanwhile Nurse Amy greets a grown up Rocco, Lulu and Dante at the hospital. She asks if Rocco has a brother or sister on the way, which leads to an awkward moment for Dante and Lulu. After they run into Valentin. Lulu tells Valentin to go back to Greece. Then Dante speaks with Valentin in private and orders him to leave his family alone. However Valentin says that's not possible, since they live in the same town. He also tells Dante not to use his badge to harass him.  

Sam and Jason try to figure out who wants to kill Julian outside of Kelly's. Then Curtis shows up and tells them he thinks Julian is hiding something. Jason thinks Julian must know who planted the bomb. Curtis thinks they should get surveillance footage from the garage near the scene. Jason and Curtis head off to break into a van that was parked across the street the night of the bomb. Meanwhile Sam goes to GH for her check up and decides to go see Julian. 

Alexis shows up at GH to visit Julian. She asks if he remembers anything from his hit and run. Julian claims he's not sure what happened. Then he says he can't stop thinking about the person who called 911, because that person saved his life. He then says, "thank you, Alexis," for calling 911 after she ran him down. Julian recounts every detail of what happened and says it was a DWI. Alexis says she wasn't drunk, she was pissed. She also says there is no evidence of her being drunk that night and there is nothing the police can find against her. Julian says it won't be as hard to prove to the Bar Association. However Julian says he'll keep her secret if she does something for him in return. 

Michael asks Nelle to attend the Toys for Tots Gala, but Nelle is hesitant because of Carly. However Michael talks her into it. Then they talk about what kind of dress she'll need so Michael suggests she go to Maxie for help. Nelle doesn't feel comfortable borrowing a dress or jewelry. Later Nelle realizes her necklace is missing. Then she remembers that it's probably at Sonny's house. 

Carly threatens to kick Ava's ass at Sonny's house if she doesn't back off the subject of Avery's custody. Ava says Avery is her daughter and that after what happened to Morgan, they're not fit to raise her. Carly accuses Ava of using her kids for her own agenda. Ava says that's not true and she's surprised that Carly won't protect Avery from Sonny after what happened to Morgan. Carly doesn't like that Ava keeps throwing Morgan in her face so Sonny insists that Ava leave. After Carly asks to get some presents for Jocelyn that she left under his bed. Sonny says the bedroom is a mess so he goes upstairs to get the gifts. While up there, he finds Nelle's necklace. At the end, Carly walks in.

Rocco asks Santa for a dog for Christmas at GH. After Nina tells Santa that Valentin is bringing his daughter to see him. Kevin says that "Santa" can be kind to all children of the world, even those with homicidal fathers. Nearby Lulu and Dante run into Laura. Lulu mentions their encounter with Valentin earlier. Then Charlotte shows up to see Santa with Valentin. She tells Santa the only thing she wants is her mother for Christmas. Right then, Lulu walks in and seems to recognize Charlotte.

End of show!

Have a great night!

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