Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Is Charlotte My Daughter?

Today's Show - 

Nathan catches Maxie snooping on his laptop to learn what surprise he has for her at their apartment. Then they practice dancing for their wedding. They disagree on the music for their wedding song and Nathan ends up pulling his back out. Maxie worries that Nathan won't be able to dance at the wedding now, but Nathan assures her that nothing can stop him. Then he heads off to work, but says he'll stay on desk duty. 

Curtis and Jason tell Sam at Kelly's that Julian planted the bomb in his own car. Curtis thinks they should go to the cops. However Jason and Sam don't think that's a good idea. Curtis ignores them and goes the PCPD to talk to Jordan anyway. Jordan end ups handcuffing him to her desk and threatens to hold him overnight. Curtis decides to tell Jordan about the van he figured out was Julian's, but refuses to tell her who he's working with. Jordan removes his cuffs and then shows Curtis surveillance footage from the Floating Rib from a different angle. Upon looking at it Curtis says, "What the hell?"

Andre tries calling Jordan, but misses her. Then Anna stops by his office and asks Andre to consult on her investigation into Valentin. Anna thinks Valentin burned down his childhood school and she wants to prove it. Andre asks what is bothering her so much about Valentin. Anna says she feels like Valentin knows her from somewhere. She thinks finding out what happened at Valentin's school will give her the answers she needs. 

At Wyndermere, Nina stops by with a Christmas present for Charlotte. She finds Valentin alone with a lovely Christmas tree up for Charlotte. Nina talks about her childhood Christmas', which she says were empty. Valentin says his Christmas' were lonely except for a scarf given to him by a cook at his boarding school. Later Nina learns there is a storm on the way and she can't leave. Nina thinks Valentin is manipulating the situation until she gets soaking when she goes outside. After Valentin brings her dry clothes that apparently Britt left behind as well as food and wine. Nina tells Valentin that he makes her nervous. She also mentions her failed previous relationships, but says she's a strong woman now. After they end up kissing, which leads to their clothes coming off. 

Lulu tells Dante at GH that when she looked at Charlotte she felt a connection. She asks if Dante thinks it's possible that Charlotte is her daughter. Dante doesn't think so since Charlotte is Valentin's child and not Stavros'. Lulu thinks it's possible that a mistake could have been made. However Dante tries to convince her otherwise. Later Lulu goes to see Maxie and asks for Maxie's help to prove Charlotte is her daughter. Meanwhile Dante goes to the PCPD and wants to talk to Nathan about Lulu's concerns. 

Jason and Sam go to the hospital for a check up and talk about Curtis and Julian. Jason hopes Sonny will soon be free. Sam asks if once things are back to normal if he still wants to move to Aurora. Jason thinks it's the wrong time for them to move and they agree to stay in town. Then Dr. Kelly comes in and Sam has an ultrasound. Dr. Kelly writes the sex of the baby down on their ultrasound picture and tells them to look only if they want to know. At the end, Jason gets a call from Curtis who tells him he's got something really big. 

End of show!

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