Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Find A Cure

Today's Show - 

Franco continues to torment Tom Baker in a dog cage at his studio. Franco says he doesn't think Tom was rehabilitated in prison and he wants to stop him from hurting Liz or anyone else. Franco asks what his plans for Kiki were and says he wants to save all women who will run into him going forward. Then Liz knocks on the door. Tom tries to scream for help, but Franco uses a buzzer he has attached to Tom's neck to zap him quiet. Then Franco steps outside to talk to Liz. She asks to come in, because she wants to talk about Tom. Franco says she can't because then she'll see her Xmas present. Liz thinks it's sweet that he's making her a gift. After Liz says she's worried that he'll hurt Tom and tells Franco he's already a hero to her. Liz wants them to move forward together. Then she invites Franco to spend the holidays with her. He's very happy and says how much he loves her kids. Liz kisses him goodbye and once she leaves, Franco returns to Tom. He tells Tom he's not going to kill him, but he's going to end his life as he knows it. 

Dr. Finn helps Hayden in her hospital bed at the Q's when she has a seizure. Tracy comes in to help and tries to hold Hayden still. Finn gives Hayden some of his drug (Zeconestrol (sp?), despite his running low on supplies. It seems to help her, but Finn tells Tracy he doesn't have enough drugs left to keep both he and Hayden alive. Tracy tells him he's going to have to find a cure before it's too late. Tracy says she will take care of Hayden while he goes to work on a cure. Finn tells Hayden he has to leave. She thinks he's her father leaving her again and tells him as her father that she loves Finn. 

Later Finn promises he'll come back to see her again whether he finds a cure or not. After Hayden confuses Tracy with her mother and asks if she hates her because Hayden reminds her of the failure her mother had with Jeff Webber. Tracy plays along and tells Hayden she was an inept mother. It seems to hit home for Tracy. She tells Hayden she loves her. Meanwhile Finn goes back to his hotel room to work out a cure, but grows frustrated when he can't. He talks to Roxie and wonders what he's missing. Looking at Roxie shedding her scales, Finn gets an idea. He takes Roxie out of her tank and hopes she can help save Hayden's life. 

Michael goes to see Carly at The Metro Court to ask if she's seen Nelle. Carly says no and thinks maybe Michael and Nelle got their wires crossed. After Carly tells Michael she's probably going to spend Christmas with Sonny, because she thinks it's good for the family to be together. Meanwhile Nelle goes home and talks to herself about going to the party with Michael. Then she strips down to her underwear, looks at her kidney scar and rants about Carly. After Nelle looks in a music box full of keepsakes, including a rattle. Right then Michael sends her a text asking where she went. Nelle thinks about Michael and her fake seduction of Sonny. Later she cries to her music box again. Then Michael stops by. She apologizes for leaving the party abruptly and claims she was feeling sick. Michael thinks he made her uncomfortable by pressuring her to come to the gala. They end up talking and decide to be friends no matter if things get complicated. After Michael leaves, Nelle once again returns to her music box and looks at her baby rattle.

Sonny asks Jason at his house if he's going to tell Carly about him supposedly sleeping with Nelle. Jason thinks Sonny should come clean, because the truth always has a way of coming out. Sonny thinks it's better to keep it quiet and reminds Jason that he's lied before, even about being Michael's father. Jason gets offended, but Sonny says the truth will break him and Carly up for good. Right then, Carly walks in and senses the tension between Jason and Sonny. She asks what's wrong so Sonny says they were talking about Morgan. Jason backs up his lie to Carly. After they put up a Christmas tree together, but acknowledge that something will be missing without Morgan this year. Carly says she wants them all to be together, including Jason, Sam and the boys, for the holidays. She senses that Jason has something on his mind. Jason says it's just nice to see his best friends getting along. At the end, Jason and Sonny are alone. Sonny asks if Jason is going to tell Carly about Nelle. He answers no, but says if Carly asks him he won't make up a story. Then Jason tells Sonny to do right by his family. 

End of show!

There are still many problems, but on a whole I do think GH has been better of late. I really can't stand Nelle, but I think that's the point. The plot with Tom Baker is ludicrous, but for those who know Todd Manning's history on OLTL with his rape of Marty, you know Roger is playing Franco very Toddish and I like it. I think Hayden and Finn have cute couple potential, even though this silly disease plot is going nowhere fast. Let's hope he does find a cure quickly.

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